Sunday, March 22, 2009

What A Week!

Spring break has officially wrapped and we are getting ready to start our routines all over again. Last week was fantastic, it really was a great way to kick off springtime. We took full advantage of the beautiful weather and spent a lot of time outdoors and with our friends.

Unless you have been living under a rock you all know that the best-worst movie ever was released on DVD at midnight on Friday - I went out with a few friends for drinks and appetizers then headed over to the local BAM to await the release. Since Random Mommy was unable to join us I decided to surprise her by leaving her little Edward in the mailbox so she could get to the deleted scenes as soon as humanly possible. I got home around 12:30am and planned to snuggle up on the sofa in the quiet house and watch the deleted scenes and bask in the glory of the finger sucking scene, only Husband was still up and wanted to know if he could watch the movie with me... We haven't allowed the Husbands access to our Twilight obsession, for many reasons so I wasn't sure how I felt about watching this with him in the room, but I was desperate and told him to read his book, he looked up periodically and even managed to ask a few intelligent, non-judgy questions. Finally he went to bed and I was able to relax and enjoy a few of my favorite scenes.

Tonight while I was doing a couple of things upstairs I told the Munchkin I would be down to give her a bath in a few minutes, about 15 minutes later I went down the stairs to see that she had put my movie in the DVD player and was sitting in the floor watching Twilight, if there was ever a doubt about her being my child it should now be completly cleared up, she is now consumed with "Edgard" and Bella. She even told me that the wolf Jacob couldn't have Bella because she belongs with the nice vampire, "Edgard."

I *heart* my little Munchkin.

On an unrelated note, this morning when I came downstairs Ashley, said "Ma-Ma" when she saw me come around the corner. Ahh... What a way to start the day!!!

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Poodlehead said...

hubby could've totally worked that different and peeked into the Edward fantasy a little. Then he would have gotten lucky! ;)