Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday Scramble.

This weather is incredible! I love it, and have decided that this year I will take full advantage of these days. This time last year, I was stuck in a hospital room, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mary Kate and Ashley. I remember looking out of my window (in my second room, not the one with the Shawshank Redemption prison yard view) at the beautiful sunshine and wishing I was able to get up (without the use of a wheelchair and nurse) and go outside and just be.

We went to a chili cook off yesterday, beautiful weather and yummy food!

Friday night we went to see Ryan (not Bryan, as in Cuts Like a Knife) Adams. It was Hubby's Christmas gift. It was a really good show. Very laid back and chill. Kind of what I envision the set of Austin City Limits to be like. The lead guitarist was playing a Les Paul, Sunburst guitar that Hubby drooled over the entire time. I will buy this for him as soon as I have a spare 3 grand. We hung out with a few friends before for a quick bite and a few friends after at a really cool bar called the Speakeasy. Two weekends in a row that we were able to get out with friends and have some fun adult time.... Not adult as in "adult" but gown up conversation and such.

I've learned in the past couple of weeks that I can longer hide a look of irritation or control the rolling of my eyes when something or someone that I dislike is mentioned. I catch myself halfway through the involuntary movement and think, that's really not the proper way to behave, then I think, who cares, I'm done pretending.

For those of you wondering about the hacking of email accounts, here is the info you need. I have a gmail account, so if you are a yahoo or hotmail you may have to do a little research, they may have something similar.... Here's the step by step for gmail users.

The twins turn one this week!! Holy Freaking Crap! I may need to demand a re-count on the days since their birth... Surly it hasn't been a year?

I'm tired of listening to people bitch about Obama and his lack of results thus far.... Seriously people? It's been what? 2 months since he took office? It took 8 years for Bush to eff it all up, give him a chance, if things don't improve, I'll bitch with you. (insert hateful anon comments here)

Charter appears to have finally :::knock on wood::: gotten all of our Internet and cable working, together, at the same time, without interruption. It took numerous calls, visits, and eventually the swapping out of equipment but by god, it's working..... for now.

Mary Kate has a big appointment tomorrow - a re-check on her bum kidney. Keep us in your thoughts, this could be really good news or the scheduling of another surgery.

I love the time change!

Happy Daylight Savings Time everybody!

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