Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Polygamy VS Quiverfull

We have been so busy lately that I've seriously considered becoming a Polygamist just so I can have a Sister Wife here to pick up my slack. I know Husband wouldn't mind this at all, in fact I'm sure he would love it if his "Religion" told him it was ok to sleep with more than one woman.... he will be disappointed to find out that we all get different nights, it's not like a big 3 way, or 4 way or... at what point does it just become one big orgy? Is there a specified number for that? I guess I could google it... Anyway, back to my point, if I could find another woman to come in that loved to do housework, cook, do laundry, grocery shop, run errands and hates sex, that would be a perfect Sister Wife, in my opinion. Husband would think this is just another mouth to feed and would probably feel somewhat ripped off, but not having sex with the Sister Wife means me not having to worry about him getting another chick pregnant... this would be another stipulation, he's my baby daddy, no having babies with my baby daddy.

So this train of thought got me thinking about those that call themselves "Quiverfull." It's like Polygamy without the extra help.... These couples continue to have children, populating the earth with "Gods arrows" or some other batshit crazy reason to have 20 kids, but they do it all by having the older kids raise the younger ones. Um... No thanks. I don't have 10 years to wait for my oldest to be responsible enough to take care of the house or her siblings, thus leading me to believe that Polygamy is better than being Quiverfull.

How's that for rambling?

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Candice said...

I would take a "Sister Wife" especially if she wanted to work outside the home.

I had this discussion with a friend before. We would be ok if the hubs had an affair only if the chick would also share the housework, child care, and such:-P