Monday, March 30, 2009

My Contribution to a Warm Winter..

I know it's not right to have hate in your heart, but when it comes to squirrels, I just do. They have been a thorn in my side since we moved into this house about 3 years ago. It's always something. Chewing through phone/cable lines, climbing up the window screens, digging up my plants (of which I no longer even try to plant) but this latest act of vandalism takes the cake. Remember about a month ago we had some snow.. built that cute little snowman and posted this picture?

Do you see the cute little hat and mittens he is wearing? They went missing shortly after this photo was taken.

My sister ( who lives in Kentucky) pointed out that you should never use good hats, mittens, and scarves to dress a snowman, (as if this is my fault some how..) to that I said that we live in Alabama, all of our hats, mittens and scarves are good ones because it only gets cold enough to wear them 3 times in a winter. The point is, the snow melted, the snowman went away and could not have possibly taken the items with him to his liquefied state.

I searched for days, thought that Husband may have picked them up, or maybe my Mom while she was here, no one saw them until this weekend when what to our wondering eyes should appear? A mitten, completely chewed and shredded, had fallen out of a tree. The following day, the other mitten and the hat. Mystery solved. The nasty little tree rats stole my child's (did I mention new?) NEW hat and mittens, and made a cozy little nest to ride out the last few weeks of winter. How could I have possibly missed a furry little rat bastard stealing a hat from my back yard... That's something you think you would notice. I wonder if he had help, like a little squirrel gang or if he made several trips acting on his own... How did I not see this? I wonder if the MommaDrool Mafia would consider branching out, I'm thinking about putting a hit out on this squirrel, if only I could get a more accurate description.


Heather S. said...

I'm glad I didn't have the only over dressed snowman. I thought for sure he was the only one wearing a Ralph Lauren cashmere scarf. Hell, it's the only one I had. Thank God the squirrels didn't get it too.

Michelle said...

The little rat bastard - ROFL!! I can't stop laughing.

The squirrels are hungry that is why they chew everything in site. The only way to get them to stop is feeding them. Piles of peanuts work. The only problem is... then they invite all their relatives. LOL!!

Candice said...

Well if it is any comfort...there was a trail of dead squirrels on Shades Crest today:-) I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not I was a participate in such acts:-P

Anonymous said...

You need a few firecrackers or a cap gun. Works wonders. Only takes a few days to convince them a crazy lady lives here. Ha.