Thursday, March 19, 2009

Me + Park + Spring Break = Oh Hell No!!

Not again I say! Yesterday we weren't able to make the Mommy group park playdate because of the twins nap - I felt really bad because Munchkin is out of school this week and really needs to release some of this crazy never ending energy. I've been keeping her pretty busy but just couldn't let the twins miss another nap since they had their vaccines and just weren't feeling 100% I'm not super strict on naps and routines but I am smart enough to know when to say no and to slow things down a bit.

I decided yesterday that after my spin class and before their afternoon nap, I would take them to the park, let Munchkin run free and let Mary Kate and Ashley enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunshine. I knew that it was going to be packed, but holy crap... I guess packed with toddlers and preschoolers is what I had in my mind, I didn't take into consideration that all of the older school kids would also be there dominating all of the equipment and pushing the little ones around. It was one of the most miserable hours I have had in a very long time. Every time I turned around I was having to pull Munchkin out of the way, pick her up off the ground, and yell at some other parents child for trying to push her down the slide. Hello?? Not my responsibility. Watch your damn kids, people! It absolutely infuriates me to see children run around with no supervision whatsoever. I have 3 children of my own to watch out for, and trying to reprimand another persons child is a slippery slope that I prefer to avoid.

At one point while swinging the girls, 2 older boys maybe 10 or so, came running over to the swings with a baby that looked to be about a year old maybe younger. They put him in the swing (ungracefully) and began to swing him high, and somewhat hard. His little neck was snapping back and forth and they were laughing thinking it was funny. I, not seeing a parent or guardian anywhere around that was going to step in, felt the need to say something. I told the boy that was closest to me that he was probably too little to go that high, he looked at me and looked away. I waited a second, and they continued to push him back and forth jerking his neck, no parents, no guardians, so I said to him again, "he really is too small to be pushed that hard, it's really going to hurt his neck if you aren't careful" The boy replied to me: "He likes it, look, he's smiling." Baby was not smiling... He looked terrified. As I was plotting out my next move, which consisted of smacking the boy in the back of the head to see how he liked having his neck jerked around, the Grandmother walked over and told them to stop. They didn't, they laughed, she stood there and watched. I stood there with my mouth open, thinking what is wrong with these people??? That is when I decided to call it a day. I'd had all that I could handle of watching ignorant people, and trying to keep mine from being trampled. We packed it up and headed home, never to be seen at the park during Spring Break again.

Today? We play in the backyard.


BlessedMom said...

So true. I kept losing sight of the boys at the park yesterday. It terrified me.

My other major annoyance...really, most of the parks have age limits that no one seems to care about. Drives me crazy.

Amber B. said...

I avoided all parks, Chick-Fil-As, zoos, McWanes, etc. this week. Am so glad that this week we can safely go out in public again. ;-)