Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jack. Ass.

So while I'm uploading pictures, I thought I would take a moment and share my thoughts about the outcome of last nights season finale of The Bachelor. Warning!! This is a definite spoiler alert, stop reading now if you need to catch up on your Tivo.....

I was super excited about this seasons Bachelor, I thought that getting dumped by the blinkey-eyed snot, Deanna, was the best thing that could have happened to him last year. I watched diligently this season, ruling out the ones that annoyed me and the ones that I didn't think were a good fit. He narrowed it down to Molly and Melissa. Melissa was my choice, Molly mildly annoyed me but I thought overall she wasn't bad and would be a good fit, but really wanted him to choose Melissa. Needless to say I was thrilled when he chose her, my girl/guy never wins... Which maybe says something about my ability to pick these people, if they would just follow my advice, maybe they would actually stay together.... Hey ABC, call me. I will consult for the show, for a small fee.

So, he chose Melissa, proposed and she of course accepted. 3 months have passed, they have watched their story unfold with the rest of America, all the while stealing away and being together when they could, all on the down low. They were re-united on the "After the Rose" show where he promptly dumped her, got the ring back and then canoodled up to Molly while poor Melissa did the drive of shame in the limo... seemingly unaware as to what the hell had just happened.

Now, I will say that I get the whole having second thoughts, made the wrong decision kind of thing he said he was going through, and I'm glad he had the sense enough to make it right, I just think that it was such a douchebag way to handle it. I'm sure his contract had stipulations about doing everything in front of the camera, but did he really have to start making babies with Molly on the same sofa he sat on with Melissa, just 10 minutes before? I mean, come on dude, show some couth. Respect that girl enough to show some restraint and wait until the cameras are off to be all kissy face and handsy.

I really thought that this guy was the best all around Bachelor they had ever had, but I'm beginning to think that he completely whored out is son for 15 minutes of fame and when the fame was about to fade, he had to come up with a way to get just a little more. Wonder how long this will last? Will Melissa be the next Bachelorette? Will he show up and ask for her back? ABC may have just hit the jackpot on keeping this series alive.


Hohni said...

He sucks!! I hope she dumps him also.

Heather S. said...

I was so pissed too! I don't think I will be watching anymore. Of course, I have said this a few times before.
I hope Molly tramples on his heart and dumps him. He deserves it!