Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Girls!!

I couldn't let the day pass without wishing my sweet little miracles the Happiest of Birthdays!! I know everyone says that time flies and they can't believe it's been a year and man are they right. Things seemed to go really fast with the Munchkin, but this last year was gone in a snap.

My sweet little ones, you have both come so far this year. It's hard to believe that you started out as just 4 pound little bundles and spent days wrapped in blankets in your little warming beds in the NICU. You were so tiny I thought I would break you and I thought the Nurses and Doctors were INSANE for letting me bring you home after only 10 days. I was so scared of you, because you see I was officially out-numbered and completely clueless on how to deal with preemies, multiples and such teeny tiny little beings.

Mary Kate, you are amazing to watch. It seems like just this past week you are coming out of your shell. You have been much more affectionate and lovey than you are typically. Up until this week you have always been the one that was the loner. You could play by yourself for what seemed like forever and never think twice about everyone else. You steal toys from your Sisters, but you couldn't care less if they take from you, you always just move on to the next thing. You definitely like to sleep way more than Ashley, this you must get from your big sister. You're newest trick that we are so proud of, is throwing your hands above your head when we say "Touchdown Auburn" it's so insanely cute. You are a great eater and make some of the funniest little faces I have ever seen. I'm so sorry that you have been dealt a hand a little tougher than your sisters and just know that if there was anything in this world I could do to make it just go away I would. I love you so much my little 2 of 3.

Ashley, you are such a little daredevil... if I hear something crash or a head bonk the floor 99.9% of the time you are involved. You are more affectionate than any little baby I've seen. Every single time I sit on the floor to play you stop what ever you are involved in and make a b-line for my lap, you bury your face on me and lay your head down and just love. You seem to be strong physically and eager to experiment with that strength by pulling up and cruising. You are easy to laugh or giggle and your newest thing is to bonk heads - you bonk, giggle and bonk again. You started this the other night while I was rocking you for bed and we did this for a good 10 minutes because I couldn't bring myself to stop and put you in the bed. You sleep well, but you get up too early. Not just for my taste but apparently yours too, it seems that after being up for only a short time you are tired and ready to go back to sleep. Let's work on this moving forward shall we? I love you so much my little 3 of 3.

This past year has been filled with so many firsts for all of us and I'm so excited to see where this road is going to take us. I just ask that you be nice to Mommy, please?

I love you little babies more than all the M&M's in this world.
Mary Kate


chrissie said...

OK! I'm a sucker for mommy notes! I am crying! What a sap I am! Congrats on your one year anniversary of being a mom of 3, and twins!!! You are great at it!

Heather S. said...

sniff, too. I am just an emotional wreck anyway right now. That was waaaay sweet. Happy Birthday gils!

countryfriedmama said...

Happy birthday, babies!

random_mommy said...

goodness, they're just amazing!