Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Seconds.

Did you know that two seconds is all it takes for an 11 month old to try and drown herself during bath time? I learned that the hard way yesterday when "Ashley" decided to jump out of her little "safety" bath ring, thingy. I know that I have been a little more frazzled this past week, and I have been feeding them some new foods that they haven't really cared for, but to try and drown yourself over sweet potato puffs is a little dramatic, don't you think?

Seriously, I wasn't sure if I should joke or call DHR on myself for being so irresponsible. I am usually a fanatic about bath time safety. Never leave them unattended, always have everything I need at arms reach, drain the water immediately when we are done, water temperature perfect, etc, etc... I had "Mary Kate" bathed and out of the way and it was time for "Ashley's" 5 minutes of torture. I thought I had 2 wash rags out, but only had one, so I turned around to get another one out of the drawer and I swear to you just as I turned my back to open the drawer, I heard a thump, splash, scream. She had somehow tried to get out of the bath seat, I'm still not really sure how she managed it, but was facing down at the water, holding herself up on her hands, while one leg was still caught in the ring. Needless to say I said a couple of dirty words while leaping 2 feet over to get her. I felt horrible and neglectful. It's one of those things that you look back on and say, "I know better than that, what was I thinking?" and unfortunately I think sometimes I get just a little comfortable or complacent. It could have been so much worse and thankfully it wasn't, but I will say this has been a reality check and a wake up call. These babies, maybe because I'm out numbered now, are going to need way more baby proofing and watching now that they are mobile and growing. It's going to be a completely different ballgame than when raising the Munchkin and it was the 2 of us to 1 child. I can assure you that bath time will be more appropriately planned from here on out.

Lesson learned.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad "Ashley" is okay. How long did it take for you to recover?
Walkers were outlawed in my house after my second child fell down some steps. I only turned around for a second. She ended up needing a root canal because it killed a tooth when she hit the concrete. (Yeah, we were outside) Kids are quick when they think mom's not looking. My grandkids out number me too, and they take advantage. It's hard to watch 3 kids going three different ways, but at least you get to mold your 3. You'll do great! I'm sure of it!
Much love,
Aunt J