Monday, February 23, 2009

Their Time, Our Time.

It's no secret that me and my bitches like to get away. Whether or not it's for dinner and a movie or a quick trip out of town, getting away to clear our mommy heads is a must do from time to time.

On Thursday morning while Hubby was getting ready for work, I mentioned to him that I emailed him some info and needed him to check his calendar because we were planning our next girls trip for early summer and we had already booked a hotel. He then informed me that there would be no more "girl trips" until the guys had their chance to take a "guys trip." While on the outside this seems like a logical request, what you are missing here is that we, the wonderful wives that we are, have all but begged them to go somewhere, anywhere, just go! Because they are men, they can't seem plan a quick trip, it had to be grand. At first there were ideas of surfing in Mexico, some type of snow mobile, bar hop in some place that is as cold as balls, it was all outrageous trips to far off places, none of which came to fruition. Random Daddy threw out the idea of a quick trip to Biloxi a few weeks ago, and I thought, heck why not Vegas? All that time spent on online casino games could come in handy. Go, go, go! Please, for the love of Pete, take a guys trip.

On Friday, Hubby called and said: "How serious were you when you said it was cool to do something crazy this weekend?" I told him I was completely fine and he filled me in on the plans he was cooking up. It ended up with him, DaddyPeas, Random Daddy and our ass-chap wearing friend P. boarding a party train to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. They went with only the clothes on their backs, and all of the alcohol they could carry and consume on the 7 hour ride there. I know the alcohol won't have made the trip back, but I'm thankful the clothes did!

Finally, we are back to even. Nashville for New Orleans seems like a very equal trade off. Not sure what they will plan when the details of our trip to Italy are hammered out!

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Poodlehead said...

How I wish they would've taken my husband with them.