Thursday, February 19, 2009

Putting Me In My Place.

The Munchkin is sick, we have been watching an unusually large amount of television the past 2 days. Because SuperWhy and all the other PBS programming has been running on a constant loop, I've pretty much figured out the line up.

The Munchkin came to me while I was changing poopy diapers and asked if she could watch "her shows." I asked her if she wanted to SuperWhy, and she nodded excitedly, when I turned the TV on, SuperWhy appeared, as if it were magic. She looked at me and said:

"Wow! Mommy, how did you know that was going to be on?"

I replied, "Because I'm SuperMommy, that's why"

"Uh.... No... You're not."

"What? Well, if I'm not a SuperMommy, then what am I?"

"Well, you're just a Mommy-Mommy, that's all."

Nice to know that the "Smart Ass Super Child" hasn't lost her powers!!

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