Sunday, February 08, 2009

Meanwhile at the Gym.... Weekly Recap.

So, not much to report in the way of gym happenings and gym goer judgemental-ness this week. I must admit that the Body Pump class I took last Saturday rendered me somewhat.... okay, completely useless for the better part of the week. I couldn't walk, bend, carry my children or pick my nose without causing excrutiating pain to some part of my body, even my hair hurt. I managed to spin my legs for a little while thinking it would help work out some of the soreness, but other than that I skipped out until Body Pump yesterday... What can I say I'm a glutton for punishment.

Mommapeas and I have finally talked Random Mommy into joining us, the class was packed, (damn these people and their New Years Resolutions, aren't they supposed to be slacking off by now?) We weren't able to get spots all together, but Mommapeas and I were close enough to share a laugh over an inside joke, and Random Mommy was stuck in the back next to Gym Granny, who was certain she was going to get knocked in the head by RM's bar.

Went to spin class today, may have one less friend because of it. Mommapeas went with me and to our surprise, my old trainer was teaching. I wouldn't wish him on anyone attempting their first ever spin class, he is a complete freak of nature when it comes to cycling... A freak, I say. She made it through the class with some helpful advice from Trainer..."bike pants and baby powder will be her best friend this afternoon...." Please don't hate me!!

"Southpole" was there today, ta-ta's still very there, but over all, dressed way more appropriately.

I may have agreed to try and run/walk a half marathon this time next year. Something about doing one in Seaside, FL got me excited. We shall see.

Here's to more exciting people watching and gym going this week...


Michelle said...

Oh, how I love the gym!

Poodlehead said...

I PROMISE it gets better. You won't be nearly as sore after the next bodypump. And take ibuprofen.