Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hacked Off.

I very recently came across a bit of information telling me how to find out if someone other than myself has been logging into my email. When I clicked on the details today, I was a little concerned to find that 6 hours and 16 hours prior to me having logged in, someone, somewhere had also logged into my email.

I have tried really hard this afternoon to not jump to conclusions or be all paranoid. I've tried thinking of every possible scenario as to why another IP address has logged into my email at least twice in the last 24 hours. I thought maybe it was some hacker, they do this all the time right? But since no one in my contact list has been wiped away or received an email from me asking them to buy nipple cream or have their penis enlarged, I'm assuming it was personal. Maybe someone on a fact finding mission? No real damage other than my privacy being invaded. That in itself is super creepy and surly illegal, right? I know it's a federal offense to snoop through someones snail mail, but what about email? Hard to prove I guess, especially when you have sites out there like giving people the ability to lurk around your site and leave anonymous comments and such. Which I guess also strikes me as odd. Why go to so much trouble to hide your identity, its not like my site is filled with crazy hot girl on girl porn or anything that would get you in trouble at work. It's not like I'm a White House intern blogging about sexual relations with the Prez and you are Al Qaeda trying to find out when the Prez will be preoccupied so you can attack our country. I'm a Stay at Home Mom trying to live my life, without any more craziness than my kids already impose on me.

So I'm left with these facts, call me paranoid if you want, but I'm just really trying to think this through logically, and when I do, in my opinion it leads me to believe it's personal, not random.

1. Another IP address has logged onto my account twice in 24 hours.
2. I and some close friends have recently been threatened.
3. In those threats I was told that I should be paranoid.
4. The computer I use now, is not new.
5. This same IP address that logged into my email, has also visited my friends blog.

So, I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out, cover all my bases and figure out what motive anyone could possibly have for invading my privacy in such a immoral, asswipe of a way. If lurker/stalker/hacker person just so happens to be reading this post, I hope you have enjoyed the emails from Children's Place and Monkey toes, did you get caught up your celebrity gossip via my Daily Juice from Perez? Please don't tell my Hubby about the Twilight book I pre-ordered using my Amazon credits..... Can you please go away now. I'm tired.


Amanda said...

Yikes! That is alarming. Hope you figure it all out (safely).

K Mommy said...

Hi! I am one of your silent readers. Let me just say I love reading your are hilarious! Your post today has brought me out of hiding because I suspect I am having the same problem. I have had lot's of problems and certain information made available that was not intended for anyone else other than the recipient of that email. I still haven't figured out who my sneaky person is but I hope you find yours soon. There's no worse feeling than someone watching you TOO closely.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your life with all of us! Your children are too cute!

BlessedMom said...

Wow! Would you mind sending that info over to know, your user name and password...I love some Monkey Toes emails! :0

Seriously though, could you send the info on checking your email account. It makes me curious.

justmylife said...

That is a bit scary. I don't have anything on my computer or in my email others would find interesting, but it would be strange to think someone else is looking at my mail.

Unknown said...

See my email...I hope it's what I think it was and not some crazy. :)

J said...

The thing is this, how crazy of a person do you have to be to go into someone else's private email just to get your kicks? I never cease to be amazed with people, but this takes the cake! Thank goodness you have ideas of whom and evidence of when. Pheww...maybe it can all be over with now. Good vibes....

Anonymous said...

This is scary! Are you able to share with us how you were able to check? My youngest brother showed me how to find and delete my "cookies", which he said tracks a persons online activities. I try to remember and clean out that folder every night(and then the recycling bin)
Much love,
Your Aunt

Average Joe American said...

Who in their right mind would have a reason to threaten yall? Let me know if yall need me to come down and deliver and old fashioned blount county beatdown on the sorry sob. Or better yet get ya one of these.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to know how you got that information, because now you've got ME paranoid!!!! What if it's happening to me too?

Even worse, what if they stole my Old Navy discount code?

Poodlehead said...

you've been threatened?

Heather S. said...

Creepy, scary, weird!