Monday, February 23, 2009

Cash Crunch!

It seems like everywhere I turn these days it's "economy this" and "economy that".... lay offs here, there, everywhere. We, just like everyone else I know right now are watching our finances a little more, clipping more coupons and so on. I've been thinking lately about ways that as a Stay at Home Mom, I could bring in a little extra cash while continuing to stay home. Just some walking around money for me and the girls. Starbucks money, new Disney DVD money, my-ass-looks-so-good-in-these-jeans-I-must-buy-them, know, the basics, the necessities in life, you get the idea.

I've been kicking around ideas of how I can make this happen without sacrificing my time with the girls. I thought first that selling a kid would bring in quite a hefty sum, but then realized if I started selling them off on the black market, I would no longer have a reason to stay home, there would be no"time with the girls" as, there would be no girls, and Hubby would send me back into the work force without batting an eye, so that is definitely not an option.

Another idea, not really new or original when it comes to me, is expand (again) on my love of crafts, open up a little shop on etsy and get busy..... the question there was, what to sell? Has to be handmade. Clothes? Nope, can't sew. Candles? Nope, won't do that again after the great "candle fiasco of 2000," when I thought it would be a brilliant and inexpensive way to do Christmas gifts for everyone. Six years we lived in that house, and I was still trying to clean up wax in the kitchen when we moved. I'm leaning towards making some jewelry, throwing it out there and seeing what happens. I have some really cool ideas about using recycled materials. So if I have the time to implement, it could be fruitful.

Last and definitely not least on my short list of ideas. Professional gambling. It would help stimulate the economy, and with the help of an internet casino, I could practice my new trade from the comforts of my own living room, during nap time. Woo! I would have to refine my skills at poker, but with a little practice I could be the next Annie Duke!

Alright, so I'll keep thinking, but I do think I'm off to a great entrepreneurial start!

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