Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meanwhile at the Gym.......

I love going to the gym, I think it rivals the airport when it comes to people watching, and I LURVE to people watch.

For the love of Pete, if you are overweight, underweight or just right, please dress appropriately when attending any class, or coming to the gym just to get on the treadmill - this is a general rule that one should live by for all occasions, but when I have to sit behind you in spin class, and you are dressed like a blind person picked out your clothes, please know that you are going to end up on my blog. I have an entire hour to assess you, and blog about you in my head.

This particular lady attending my spin class, while she was not really over weight, she had quite the bodacious booty and some rather large ta-ta's. Not really a big deal, until you factor in the support bra she was wearing that wasn't very supportive and allowed her "girls" to run a muck. No one needs to see that... really. Cover them up and keep them in check please, this is not a porno and you are not a star. Then, the sweat pants she had on were about 3 sizes too small and every time we stood up on our bikes, it was apparent that her ass was trying to eat them. She had a serious case of Hungry Ass Disease. To make matters worse, written across the ass of her too small sweat pants, was the word....... "Southpole" What the eff? Southpole? What does that mean? Is it supposed to be dirty? Of course half way through the class it read more like "Sou ole" as a few of the letters went missing. Blech, vomit, verp, gak!

I'm really not sure why she was in the class, all she did was play with her hair, and her very green fingernails. She didn't pedal fast enough to make it to the door during the hour class. I'm not sure what good she got out of the class, but I was thoroughly entertained.

Now, for the skinny bitch doing 4lbs on the leg press, don't make me hurt you. Why are you even bothering?

You didn't actually think I went to the gym for the exercise, did you?


Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

Much love,
Your Aunt and family

Hear Their Everywear said...

I hate women like that! LOL
Hungry ass disease.. he he I will remember that.

Amber B. said...

Oh gross! I hate Hungry Ass disease--never heard it called that, but a perfect description. It grosses me out. (And I'm not saying I'm skinny, I just know better than to wear that stuff.)

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I'm scared to go to the gym with you. I am paranoid about my chubs and love handles - if I knew I was being critiqued? EEK

Hohni said...

OMG!!! You are way funny!!
Hungry Ass disease, skinny bitch don't make me hurt you...YOU ROCK!!!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

I'm so glad that some people get my humor!!