Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meanwhile at the Gym...... Affection and Handbags.

In this weeks installment of my judgemental observations of fellow gym goers, we are going to discuss the need to show public displays of affection while working out, as well as the need to carry a purse with you from machine to machine....

The other night while on the treadmill, rocking out to a little Kayne and doing my best to run some. I was watching people walk/run around the track right in front of the treadmills. This is always good for people watching. I've actually seen a lady eating a bag of something (surely not chips) while walking around the track. There are always people on their cell phones and of course the woman chatting with their friends and you can kind of get an idea about the intensity of the conversations by watching their faces. One lady and one man caught my attention because they were both walking but not together, you could tell they knew each other just by their body language every time he passed her. After about 15 minutes of doing their own thing, they joined back up and proceeded to hold hands while walking leisurely around the track for probably another 30 minutes. Sweet? Maybe. Weird? I think so. This was not a little elderly couple using each other for support. This couple was late thirties - Early forties and walking around the track like they were taking a stroll down the beach on a summer afternoon. I'm all about affection, but when Hubby and I would go to the gym together, we would go our separate ways, do our thing and get the heck out of there. The last thing I want to do is get all affectionate at the gym. Maybe it's just me.

Next, I was chatting with Mommapeas while on the Eliptical when I noticed a lady below that had her purse hanging on the side of her treadmill, another lady behind me was carrying hers on her shoulder leaving cardio and heading to the weights. I've even seen ladies going from maching to machine all the while moving their purse along side their water bottle. Why would you do this? It's not like the machines take quarters. There's nothing in there to buy. Why not make it easy on yourself? Get a locker or leave it in the car. The last place I'm going to bring a Coach or Kate Spade will be a sweaty gym where I have to keep up with it while trying to focus on getting skinny. I can only keep up with so many things at a time. Again, maybe it's just me.


Michelle said...

I enjoy working out with my husband but we don't hold hands or kiss just use the treadmill or elipitcal side by side. I don't know about the purse. Personally I just bring my keys and water bottle and call it good. People are so silly!

Poodlehead said...

Maybe their purses are filled with tampons and booze.