Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Called Stealing.

How are you supposed to raise your children to do the right thing, when people blatantly do the wrong thing and break the law right in front them?

I took the Munchkin with me to the gym and after we ran to the grocery store. It was a Saturday, she was being super sweet and I told her that she could pick out a treat. We went down the candy aisle and she perused all of her choices, Jelly Belly's, chocolate covered everything, and hard candies, once she finally picked something (candy corn,) she wanted to eat it right then. Seeing the opportunity for a small object lesson, I explained to her that we have to pay for our candy before eating it, or it's stealing. Just as I'm explaining to her how wrong it is to steal, a lady with her comes by with her 3 kids, let's each of them pick out the candy that they want and proceeds to dip the scoop in and give them each a few pieces. Seriously? Then they all hop back on the cart and continue on their shopping. Now, the last time I checked, that's not how that works. That candy isn't free. I stood there speechless. Thinking I probably should say something, but wasn't really sure how to get involved or even if I should. I even thought, maybe I'm on that show "What would you do," the timing was way too perfect to be real, and I kept expecting John Quinones to pop out from the end cap and tell me that I failed miserably at my object lesson. But alas, it was real and I stood there trying to figure out how to explain to my inquisitive 3 year old why those kids were able to eat stolen candy and she wasn't. So, I did what every good parent would do, launched another object lesson on how there are bad people in the world that don't follow the rules, and will probably grow up to steal bigger things, like cars, and then the policemen will throw them in jail.

Am I wrong?


Michelle said...

No you are right! I don't let my kids get away with that crap either. My parents didn't let me either. I did once eat one of those mint chocolate ones as a kid and felt horrible about it. I think I confessed it as a sin at church. At least my parents taught me right from wrong. It is like people who never say "thanks" or don't write thank you notes, I blame their parents because those things were sure told to me over and over again as a kid.

Amber B. said...

You are absolutely right! When I was little, I took some stickers off a roll in a store, and my mom made me go back to the store and turn them in. I remember that to this day! Those lessons will stick with her.

Steph said...

If it's weighed by the pound, we'd never let the kids have it and not pay for it! That's stealing. I have been known to let them have something that's in a bag or box that I can pay for at the end while we're going through the store though.. not candy, but a healthy snack. I always give the lady the open package first and explain.

Trista said...

Right after Zach turned 3 we had to have this lesson.

After loading all my groceries in, I started to buckle Zach up when I noticed he had something in his pocket. When I asked him what it was, he said "It my candy I got in there."

Needless to say, we unbuckled and went back into Bruno's to give it back and apologize. One of the cashiers looked at me as if I had lost my mind for bringing my 3 yr old in there and making him apologize for it.

Poodlehead said...

at least they used the scoop!