Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crisis Averted.

Earlier this week I had to make a dreaded trip to WalMart. I try to avoid it at all cost, but I was needing things like, food, craft supplies, baby stuff and of all things a thermos. There aren't many other places that can be a one stop shop for all of those items, so to save myself the hassle of getting in and out of the car 12 times with all three girls, Wally World it was.

This particular WalMart now has a small little area that looks like a faux book store. With the Inauguration only a couple of weeks behind us, the Barack Obama section was on full display. As soon as the Munchkin saw his face on the front of a book she took of running and yelling, "Mama, Mama, it's Barack Obama... He's our new President" I was so proud I almost shed a tear. Of course, any three year old yelling out Obama and talking about him being our new President is bound to draw some attention. Several people laughed and smiled while others looked a little un-sure as to why I was brain washing a perfectly good child. I let her look at his books a second before telling her it was time to move on, and keep close. As I turned around I noticed a very tall, slender, attractive black man walking towards us. I looked back at the Munchkin knowing exactly what was about to happen and sure enough, she was looking at him as if he had just appeared off of the book cover. I caught the look in her eye, I could see the wheels turning in her little brain, and I reached her just as she was forming the words "look Ma........" I managed to talk over her enough for no one to realize what was happening. It cost me box of Dora valentine chocolates and some crappy little mini juice boxes, for in my haste to not have a replay of the Tracheotomy Story, I pretty much promised to buy her the entire toy section, any candy or pretty much anything in the world she wanted if she would shush and come with me.... I may still refer to myself as a rookie mom, but this was one time that previous experience paid off. Maybe I'm learning something after all.

Meanwhile at the Gym...... Affection and Handbags.

In this weeks installment of my judgemental observations of fellow gym goers, we are going to discuss the need to show public displays of affection while working out, as well as the need to carry a purse with you from machine to machine....

The other night while on the treadmill, rocking out to a little Kayne and doing my best to run some. I was watching people walk/run around the track right in front of the treadmills. This is always good for people watching. I've actually seen a lady eating a bag of something (surely not chips) while walking around the track. There are always people on their cell phones and of course the woman chatting with their friends and you can kind of get an idea about the intensity of the conversations by watching their faces. One lady and one man caught my attention because they were both walking but not together, you could tell they knew each other just by their body language every time he passed her. After about 15 minutes of doing their own thing, they joined back up and proceeded to hold hands while walking leisurely around the track for probably another 30 minutes. Sweet? Maybe. Weird? I think so. This was not a little elderly couple using each other for support. This couple was late thirties - Early forties and walking around the track like they were taking a stroll down the beach on a summer afternoon. I'm all about affection, but when Hubby and I would go to the gym together, we would go our separate ways, do our thing and get the heck out of there. The last thing I want to do is get all affectionate at the gym. Maybe it's just me.

Next, I was chatting with Mommapeas while on the Eliptical when I noticed a lady below that had her purse hanging on the side of her treadmill, another lady behind me was carrying hers on her shoulder leaving cardio and heading to the weights. I've even seen ladies going from maching to machine all the while moving their purse along side their water bottle. Why would you do this? It's not like the machines take quarters. There's nothing in there to buy. Why not make it easy on yourself? Get a locker or leave it in the car. The last place I'm going to bring a Coach or Kate Spade will be a sweaty gym where I have to keep up with it while trying to focus on getting skinny. I can only keep up with so many things at a time. Again, maybe it's just me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Moment of Clarity.

Maybe you could even call it a zen moment that I had this morning. I was driving the Munchkin to school today, it's 9:00am on a Tuesday morning, the weather is B-E-A utiful, absolutely perfect. I'm in my gym clothes ready for my workout, I have 3 insanely gorgeous little girls in the back seat, and at the request of the Munchkin, who gets to pick our driving to school song every morning, we are listening to Ben Harper, Steal My Kisses. (Have I mentioned lately how incredibly cool my 3 year old is that she would rather listen to Ben Harper than the Wiggles or Barney?) So all of this is going through my mind when it hits me, I'm a fortunate person. Seriously? I'm a lucky bitch. I am doing with my life, EXACTLY what I want to do. This is what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a Mom. Carpool line, grocery shopping, snot and butt wiping, soon to be soccer Mom.

How many people can truly say that are fullfilling their hearts desire? I remember the days when I was out making sales calls and I would see these woman dropping their kids off at school in their mini vans, or having lunch after their tennis match and I always wondered if one day that would be me? It seemed so far off at the time, but when I look back on it now it was only about 5 years ago, and granted, I'm not competing in tennis, and I don't drive a mini-van. (yet!) But still...

It was kind of funny how that influenced the rest of my day, I went to the gym and had a great work out, came home and did some laundry, put away some dishes and played with my growing up way to fast twins..... And I did it all with a smile on my face. I have to say it was a good day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Day of Reflection, A Heavy Heart.

It's hard to believe how much can change in a years time. It will be hard to pass this day on the calendar every year and not think about the unexpected passing of our great friend Agent B. So many things in our daily life reminds us of the time that we had with him. Of course anything Auburn or the FBI bring back instant memories, certain things that people say will remind us of his mannerisms when he said the same thing. I will never be able to hear the word "Tradition" and not think of "Tradishuuuuuun" Ever. It is ingrained in my memory, along with all of the wonderful funny things we shared.

To any of his friends and family, we are thinking of you on this day. Our hearts go out to you and we hope that you are able to take comfort in knowing that he brought a smile to so many and we can say that we were fortunate to call him a friend.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Just an observation:

When leaving an anonymous comment filled with hate, you should make sure your work IP address of doesn't correspond with said comment.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Thank You!

A big thank you to There Must be More to Life...... First, for reading my blog, and second thinking enough about me/it to give me an award!!!

Nothing comes without a price so, the rules are as follows: List 7 random things about yourself and pass it onto 7 honest bloggers. Easy Pesasy!

In no particular order:

1. I love to travel, but have never been out of the United States... It's a travesty!

2. I still think I want just one more baby....

3. I want to pierce my eyebrow or nose.... Husband thinks I'm too old.

4. I never graduated from college.

5. I have a vibrator....

6. It's blue....

7. I named it....

So with that said, I will now tag the following: Don't hate me!


Madies Mom

Random Mommy - I'm trying to pull her out of her hiatus.

Pumkin Patch

Non Lucid Drivel - I like it when she calls me a whore for these!

Country-Fried Mama

Toddler Times

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meanwhile at the Gym.......

I love going to the gym, I think it rivals the airport when it comes to people watching, and I LURVE to people watch.

For the love of Pete, if you are overweight, underweight or just right, please dress appropriately when attending any class, or coming to the gym just to get on the treadmill - this is a general rule that one should live by for all occasions, but when I have to sit behind you in spin class, and you are dressed like a blind person picked out your clothes, please know that you are going to end up on my blog. I have an entire hour to assess you, and blog about you in my head.

This particular lady attending my spin class, while she was not really over weight, she had quite the bodacious booty and some rather large ta-ta's. Not really a big deal, until you factor in the support bra she was wearing that wasn't very supportive and allowed her "girls" to run a muck. No one needs to see that... really. Cover them up and keep them in check please, this is not a porno and you are not a star. Then, the sweat pants she had on were about 3 sizes too small and every time we stood up on our bikes, it was apparent that her ass was trying to eat them. She had a serious case of Hungry Ass Disease. To make matters worse, written across the ass of her too small sweat pants, was the word....... "Southpole" What the eff? Southpole? What does that mean? Is it supposed to be dirty? Of course half way through the class it read more like "Sou ole" as a few of the letters went missing. Blech, vomit, verp, gak!

I'm really not sure why she was in the class, all she did was play with her hair, and her very green fingernails. She didn't pedal fast enough to make it to the door during the hour class. I'm not sure what good she got out of the class, but I was thoroughly entertained.

Now, for the skinny bitch doing 4lbs on the leg press, don't make me hurt you. Why are you even bothering?

You didn't actually think I went to the gym for the exercise, did you?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Called Stealing.

How are you supposed to raise your children to do the right thing, when people blatantly do the wrong thing and break the law right in front them?

I took the Munchkin with me to the gym and after we ran to the grocery store. It was a Saturday, she was being super sweet and I told her that she could pick out a treat. We went down the candy aisle and she perused all of her choices, Jelly Belly's, chocolate covered everything, and hard candies, once she finally picked something (candy corn,) she wanted to eat it right then. Seeing the opportunity for a small object lesson, I explained to her that we have to pay for our candy before eating it, or it's stealing. Just as I'm explaining to her how wrong it is to steal, a lady with her comes by with her 3 kids, let's each of them pick out the candy that they want and proceeds to dip the scoop in and give them each a few pieces. Seriously? Then they all hop back on the cart and continue on their shopping. Now, the last time I checked, that's not how that works. That candy isn't free. I stood there speechless. Thinking I probably should say something, but wasn't really sure how to get involved or even if I should. I even thought, maybe I'm on that show "What would you do," the timing was way too perfect to be real, and I kept expecting John Quinones to pop out from the end cap and tell me that I failed miserably at my object lesson. But alas, it was real and I stood there trying to figure out how to explain to my inquisitive 3 year old why those kids were able to eat stolen candy and she wasn't. So, I did what every good parent would do, launched another object lesson on how there are bad people in the world that don't follow the rules, and will probably grow up to steal bigger things, like cars, and then the policemen will throw them in jail.

Am I wrong?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Really Should Be Thinner.

I got to thinking the other day after trying for a solid hour to finish my salad that I really should be a lot thinner. Not that I'm thin, but when I sit and really think about how often I actually get to sit and eat a meal, I realize it's a miracle that I'm not a 90lb bobble head.

I stopped on the way home from picking the Munchkin up from school and got a grilled house salad from Zaxby's, yummy salads, expensive, but oh so good. I got home and for the next hour tried desperately to eat. It went something like this.

Unload all kids and gear from car, set salad on the table.

Get babies out of carseat, realize they both have poop. Change both diapers, and one outfit because "Ashley" kicked pant leg into poop. Sit them on the floor to play before nap. This should give me a good 20 minutes, if I'm lucky.

Head to the kitchen to eat, take 2 bites.

Munchkin yells that she has to go poop. "Fine" I yell back, "call me when you're done"

Take a bite of salad. Hear the Munchkin yelling at Mary Kate and Ashley who have wandered into the bathroom to watch.

Get up to retrieve said "audience" and remind Munchkin how many time she has intruded upon my private pooping time. Now she knows how I feel.

Set babies up in the living room and head back to the bathroom to help the Munchkin clean up.

Check on babies as I make my way back to my salad, take about 3 more bites before I hear the makings of a sibling rivalry happening in the other room. Get up to see the Munchkin dragging her sisters across the hardwoods on their bellies, the squeals are that of joy rather than terror until one rolls over at hits her head, all hell breaks loose and it's time for bottles and naps.

Look longingly at my salad across the kitchen as I'm preparing bottles.

Feed babies, check/change diapers, put babies upstairs for nap.

Come back downstairs thinking that now I can eat my salad before I put the Munchkin down. I was sadly mistaken, Munchkin proclaimed that she wasn't really finished pooping and needs to go again. Lovely. I decided while we were at it, I might as well get her ready for nap too. Go through the 50 step naptime routine, promise not to shut the door all the way, yada yada and head back to my salad that no longer looks appealing.

Chunk salad, and settle in on the sofa to fold laundry and catch up on my DVR.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Forced Hiatus. Thanks Charter.

Finally after 4 very long days of no home internet service and spotty on demand on our cable, we are finally back up and running smoothly. If you know me at all, you know about this love/hate relationship I have with Charter. Dumb, dumb Charter. Grrr. They finally sent someone out that was competent and he seemed to get some things worked out that were never connected properly, ha! Go figure.

I've had so many thoughts on blog posts, but as good as my iphone is, typing an entire blog post would have made my head explode, or my eyes pop out, either way, not good. Once I return the bazillion emails I have neglected, I will post. I can't wait to share my story of the lady at the gym with hungry ass disease. Can't wait, can you?

Friday, January 09, 2009

Safety First.

I take safety very seriously, I'm probably overly cautious in many cases and could stand to slack up a little most of the time. One area in which I'm not willing to give is car seat safety. I'm a stickler for our car seats to be installed correctly and securely. No wiggle room or half ass installation going on in my car.

I also think that in general, parents should be more careful when it comes to children and cars. Inside and out. I got to thinking about this the other day in the carpool line at Munchkins school. When we picked her school we had a few criteria for it to meet.

1. Close to home
2. Needed to be more than a glorified MDO program
3. Not affiliated with a specific church or denomination
4. Must have carpool line.

Number 4 only became part of this list after the twins were born and I couldn't imagine myself schlepping the twins in and out of the car every morning and afternoon on school days, could you imagine? Otherwise I would welcome the opportunity to walk her to her class everyday. (Not to mention carpool lines in general are not very environmentally friendly.)

Now with us not attending a school at a church, we don't have our own parking lot, therefore our carpool line is on the road in front of the school, with traffic passing as we load and unload. Some of the parents allow their children out of their seats before reaching the drop off spots. It's not like they drive blocks with their children hopping around the car or hanging out of the windows and sunroof but still, they are unrestrained while the car is moving, not far or fast, but moving nonetheless. Then, I can't help but ask myself, what if someone hits their car from behind not realizing they are waiting on carpool? I just can't wrap my brain around this and have only unbuckled the Munchkin once myself. My car was in park, it was raining, and the teacher was headed for our car so I thought it would help to have her ready to hop out. Other than that, she remains buckled until the teacher takes her from the car.

This is in no way meant to judge anyone for their ideas or the way they do things. Husband has different views on this topic than I do and once wanted to know if he could leave the girls in the car while he ran inside to get take out at the Mexican Restaurant. Granted the car would be parked 15 feet from the front door, but I wouldn't do it, he would.

So, am I super paranoid, over the top protective mama? Or should these other parents practice a little more safety when it comes to carpool lines?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things.

As most of you know yesterday was my birthday, my ba ba ba birthday. 29... already! Where does the time go.

I received so many sweet messages via, text, Facebook, email and voicemail, and I appreciate them all, it's almost a bit overwhelming to log into your computer and see so many messages from family and friends.

I had a wonderful day, and got to thinking last night about how it was filled with so many of my favorite things, so I thought I would share.

Lunch at one of my most favorite restaurants, LaPaz with my favorite food, Mexican, of course. It was shared with some of my most favorite friends, minus a couple. *sad face*

Salted caramel hot chocolate.

A new bottle of my favorite Bourbon, Bulliet. Brought back from Kentucky. The bottle was even signed by the name sake.

My favorite flowers, daisies.

Birthday cash - Hells Yeah.

itunes moula - Music. One of my most favorite things ever.

Sweet cards from my favorite little people.

Dinner with my favorite man.

Movie, one of my favorite past times. We saw Slumdog Millionaire, it's a must see. No kidding, you have to see this movie.

My gift from Hubby and the girls was one of my favorite brands... Apple. iphone baby!

All in all it was a most wonderful day!

Here is a pic from a little "pre" birthday celebration: Crazy bunch of bitches and ho's that helped me celebrate. What a good lunch. Funny how it occurred to me after the fact that we paid zero attention to the chef. Absolutely none. I missed the volcano, and I think at one point he made fun of us because there were about 8 conversations going on at the same time. I'm pretty sure we almost made his head explode. I'm also confident that he got an earful about breastfeeding (until the age of 8), water birthing with dolphins, and the little man we accused of stealing a camera. Ha!

Monday, January 05, 2009


Thanks to Margarita Mama for my newest bit of bling. It does however come with a price. I must fess up to 5 addictions. Here it goes. In no particular order.

1. All things Twilight.
2. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
3. Mexican Food
4. Brownies
5. Good bourbon

Now I must tag.

1. Poodlehead
2. Madies Mom
3. Busy Momma
4. Non Lucid Drivel
5. AFF