Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Stockings Are Hung By The Chimney With Care....

We are smack in the middle of the Holiday rush. We have family in town, and more coming in tomorrow. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping, just have to pick up a couple of odds and ends. Ms T was here today helping and while the twins were napping I was actually able to get to the grocery store, twin-less. I forgot my list, but managed to get everything I needed - Miracles really do happen!

The Munchkin is super excited about Christmas, she has asked for a bike and a dollhouse. Santa is obliging, but thanks to the stupid, stupid ordering system at Toys R Us, he will be leaving a note about how the dollhouse wouldn't fit on the sleigh, and will be delivered Friday from his super helper Fed Ex.

The twins are completely oblivious to all of the happenings. They do love the lights but other than that, they continue to drool and snot on themselves per usual.

I've might have had a slight mental lapse the other day when offering to host both Christmas Eve and Christmas day here at our house. My thought was that it would be easier to not haul the kids all over the place, and have everyone come to us. Only time will tell if I chose wisely.

In case I'm MIA for the next few days, Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!

I'm nothing, if not politically correct!

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monarte said...

Ha! Boo on Toys R Us! Tell us if the family to your house works this year, we've set that precedent for next year and we too are skeptical! Merry Christmas to yours!