Friday, December 05, 2008


The Munchkin is a big helper to me these days. She loves doing housework and if it weren't for stubborn child labor laws and such, I might actually get more use out of her, but for fear of being called the next Kathy Lee Gifford, I refrain.

While I was folding clothes yesterday, she came in and wanted to help. I usually give her easy things like putting socks in the drawers, or putting burp rags in the basket. She knows where everything goes and she went to open the top 3 drawers on my dresser. I turned around right about the time I heard her say,

This drawer is big girl panties for your bum bum........
This drawer is socks for your feet.........
This drawer is socks for your boobies...........

What more can I possibly say.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just died laughing!
Much love,
Your Aunt
*Reminder to self... wear extra liners before reading stuff about Munchkin*