Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Moment of Silence.

I'm so disappointed, not surprised in the least little bit, but disappointed nonetheless. Auburn has decided to "part ways" with, in my opinion one of the best coaches that has ever graced the field at Jordan Hare Stadium.

In his 10 year career as Auburn's head coach, Coach Tub holds a record of 85-40, with an incredible 7-3 against our biggest in state rival. He had 1 SEC championship, 5 western division titles and one unbeaten season in which we were robbed of the chance to play for the the National Championship. He has won 9 of the last 14 games against top 10 teams.

Not only was he a good Coach, he is a respectable man. He kept our players out of trouble, he built a rock solid program and didn't waiver when 5 years ago, the university was caught up in "jet-gate" trying to hire Petrino behind his back.

Admittedly, our season sucked. 5-7, and we went from top ten to not even bowl eligible. Our spread offense was an experiment gone wrong, and we had a quarterback that had only started about a half a dozen games. Tuberville stepped up, made mid-season changes and took responsibility for the problem, while trying to minimize the fallout. But, this is the reality that is the SEC.

So, congratulations Mark Richt, with only 8 seasons under your belt at Georgia, you are now the longest tenured head coach in the SEC. Let's hope you don't meet the same fate as Fulmer, Croom, and Tubs at the first sight of a bad season.

Bad decision Auburn. Bad decision. Where are you possibly going to find a better coach, a coach that will have even the slightest chance of competing with Saban-Nation?


Seis said...

I am an Alabama fan, but I thought the decision was rough. i mean he only had one bad season. Yeah, ya'll got beat pretty bad, but you won the last half a decade. I thought they should have at least kept him one more season. I feel bad for him. Especially, at the holidays.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much at all about football, but it seems to me that the ball players on the field should be the ones responsible for winning a game. They are the ones actually doing 'whatever' with the ball.

Julie said...

Good post. Shane said you just said all the things he has been saying. We agree it was a bad decision.