Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Complete Success!

I have to say that this Christmas was probably the least stressful Christmas we have had in a very long time. I was second guessing my decision to host everything here, but it worked incredibly well.

Christmas Eve is usually very easy anyway because there aren't too many of us on that side. Christmas Day I thought would be tricky but with temps in the 70's (thank you global warming) we were able to spill out onto the deck and patio to eat. It also made for great bike riding weather. How sad is it to get a new bike for Christmas and not be able to ride it at 7 in the morning because the weather sucks. Well this year, we were able to eat outside and the Munchkin was able to enjoy her bike. Come to think of it, I remember playing football in my Grandmothers front yard on Christmas day, while some of the family actually wore shorts. Kind of blows the global warming theory, doesn't it?

Anyway, Christmas was great. We all received gratuitous amounts of gifts. Seriously? The amount of new stuff in this house right now is obscene. We are very blessed and thankful that we are fortunate enough to be able to provide for our family in such a complete way. It's funny though, in the midst of cash, gift cards, a laptop, guitar and plentiful other little treats, I would have to say that my favorite gift this year was given to me by Aunt J and Cousin F. They put together this wonderful booklet filled with the life story of my Grandparents. They interviewed them about their lives growing up, this was especially neat since my Grandmother was born in Germany and raised under Hitler. It tells of how they met, and had some really neat pictures documenting their lives. All the gifts in the world, and this one has more meaning to me than any of them.

Thanks to all of my family for helping make this Christmas special to me and my family. It was great having everyone together - Love to you all (because I know you all read this!!!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sweetie, I'm so glad you liked the books. The interviews were so much longer than what we were able to use for a school assignment, with topics going off course, and coming back again. (Kind of like what happens when you get the whole family together)Your grandparents have such interesting stories to share, and we are so lucky that they are here to share them with us. Seems odd that I never even knew how they met.
Christmas Day at your house was wonderful except for embarrassing myself with a PMS meltdown. (I'm really sorry about that. I had been waiting all morning for the right time to let that out) The food was even better than usual and it is always yummy. (I plan on making those green beans this week) Everybody knows you've got the sweetest kids and one of the twins acted as if she knew me. Made my day when she turned around and tried to make her way toward me on her belly.
We really enjoyed seeing you all again and appreciate all the time and trouble you went through to make our Christmas Day so special.
Much love always,
Your Aunt

random_mommy said...

The books sound phenomenal, I bet I know which Auntie did that for you... :)