Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mysterious House Of Illness.

Is this what happens when you decide to have a sea of offspring? Someone sick all the time? I guess to use the word "sick" would be overstating it a little, sometimes it's just a weird rash or bump, sometimes it's a weird fever spike, and of course we have our share of vomit, diarrhea, and snot. I'm learning that with 3 kiddos, odds are pretty good that at least one is going to be sick at all times. It's truly a good thing that the Dr's office doesn't charge per call or we would definitely be in the poor house.

The twins got their second round of flu shot on Tuesday, "Mary Kate" spiked a fever tonight. Just past the 48 hour window they tell me to look for. This has happened with her every time she's gotten a shot. I, Dr. "I'm a Mom" am now writing it off as a delayed reaction to vaccinations.

The Munchkin has had this weird breakout thing going on for a couple of weeks, I've consulted the internet, other Moms, and a Nurse. The Nurse said it's probably a contact allergy, and that she has super sensitive skin. I saw on the news the other day that it's Cedar and Juniper season and for people with allergies, that's what's in the air. So, Dr. "I'm a Mom" is diagnosing the Munchkin with a cedar/juniper allergy.

So there, problem solved. If anyone would like some advice on a mysterious illness running rampant in your household, leave me a comment, I will be glad to take a stab at it!


Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Did you like Hunger Games? I loved it.

Also, I know you had a HORRIBLE day. How about I make you feel loads better about it? By giving you some gift certificates you just won? :)

Poodlehead said...

Charlie has a weird rash on the backs of his thighs. Any ideas?

Also, how does your doc not charge per visit? I so want in on that. My kids are sick all the freaking time.