Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It Was Ladies Night, Oh What A Night!

I'm really not even sure where to start. Random Mommy and I had a hairbrained idea that it would be fun to go out, drink heavily and not have to take over the motherly responsibilities that we usually face every morning around 7am, hungover or not. If we are here, we are the ones that have to get up with the kiddos, even if we had nearly as much to drink the night before as the hubby's. So the plan came together. Mommapeas was having a birthday, we needed time "off" and wanted to be irresponsible. We talked with Daddypeas who was on board immediately with our surprise plan, the plan that started out as just getting a hotel room here in the Ham.' At our yearly Halloween party the plan began to expand to, where could we go and still be gone the same amount of time? The husbands were drunk and agreeable and the next thing I know we were booking a hotel in Nashville for a one night get-a-way.

It was the perfect trip. A little shopping, some singing, laughing, ranting, and chatting about our favorite subject right now, Twilight. And that was all before we got to the hotel. I packed a little bottle of whiskey, and when I say packed, I mean had it stashed in my purse the entire way there, just in case the need arose. We got ready while getting our drink on and headed downtown, via cab to start our night. We ate at a great restaurant and then headed over to the famous Tootsies. This is a must see if you ever travel to the fine city of Nashville, I have never had a bad time there. In fact when I look back on it, all of the times I have been there have been painfully fun.

It was there that the night got going in full force, we made fun of people, a lady with a fur trimmed coat kept rubbing it in our face, a bachelor came over to ask if we could sign his ass on a dare, and this is where I realized that I'm a geriatric magnet. I was getting hit on by some old men. A man that offered to take me to WalMart and buy some diapers for my babies, another with mardi gras beads, and a man from New York, with a lady from Mississippi, that I think would have taken one if not all of us home with them. We left there and hit a couple of other clubs, more randoms hit on us, and I vaguely remember anything more than "Abu," and the guy trying to help his buddy have a "good time" before he left for Iraq in 2 days, to which I replied, "it's a good thing we have a new President, he'll be home in no time...." It was around 3am when we stumbled to the first cab we could find and requested he take us to a Strip Club or Waffle House... This seems to be how the guys nights always end so we thought what the heck. We ended up at Waffle House after Jamaal jammed out with us in his cab. I guess he didn't think we were the strip club type. I don't remember what he music he played but I remember us singing like nobodies business, and maybe some Madonna?

We ate at WaffleHouse. I can't elaborate too much here, because I don't remember much. I know there was a couple that was friendly and we have a good picture, that's about it. Jamaal sent someone to get us and deliver us back to our hotel where Mommapeas and Random Mommy both slept pantless. What more can I say.


random_mommy said...

You are a WAY better storyteller than me... I left out the old guy magnet part!! They freaking LOVE you! I vaguely remember singing in a cab... I think I remember being laughed at... so many memories!!
Great times great friends!!

jmo said...

That sounds like my kind of night! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll look really pretty. It's no wonder you had heads turning.
Much love,
Your Aunt

I'm a Mom!..? said...

You're awfully sweet.. I guess I could have mentioned that the time stamp on this picture was 3:51AM - not too shabby if I do say so myself!!!

ShelbyAnne said...


Sounds like a grand (and much deserved) ole time. Way to get after it chica!