Thursday, October 02, 2008

Girl! I Got It Goin' On...... Still.

Yesterday was a good day. I got up, got ready (as in showered, not just throwing on a t-shirt and shorts) I took the Munchkin to school and was off to run some errands. The weather was amazing, I had the radio up (as loud as I could with the twins in the car) listening to my new favorite song, Chasing Pavements and singing my little heart out. I was off to Target to get a few essentials (Method everything...) and peruse the aisles for things I can not live without.

While perusing, I noticed a guy in an Auburn hat staring at me... This usually happens when people want to tell me that I've dropped a toy, ask about the twins, or tell me that my toddler has wandered over to the cookie aisle unattended, (just kidding, that has never happened.... really....... I swear) Anyway, this guy said nothing, just smiled and walked on, I smiled. I was thinking maybe it's a friendly Auburn thing, but I was unidentifiable in that aspect.

I continued on my journey through Target, and finally landed at the check out. While I was in line, I noticed him, "Checkin' me out dude" walk past again, starring and smiling. I smiled, awkwardly, because this time I realized that he was totally checking me out. Which is weird considering I have the twins in tow. If that's not enough, he comes back and gets in line behind me. The cashier was chatting me up about the twins and "checkin' me out dude" is nodding, smiling and laughing as I joke with the cashier. With all of that, I bend down to get the stuff I have stored under the cart, this is when I completely pulled a "Random Mommy chasing a lost dog" and flash him and the people behind him my "goods." Wearing a skirt these days has it's challenges and I'm typically too scattered to mind my manners when I bend down to pick things up, and quite honestly after having 3 children, showing strangers your underwear is a non-event. At least they were pretty panties, and thank goodness I have finally put the maternity underwear away (laugh all you want, those puppies are comfy, but the time has come.)

After loading those items on the cart, "checkin' me out dude" says: "you're pretty amazing, you look like you've got it all under control. Your girls are beautiful, I can see where they get their looks." I smile again, awkwardly while thinking to myself, I know this guy is not trying to pick me up in the Target line. With the twins in the cart.. Is he? I'm pretty sure the flashing was the tipping point, and had I been wearing my maternity panties, I probably wouldn't have had this post.


Anonymous said...

I am speechless!! (Not really) I was on the edge of my seat, but didn't see that one coming. I wish I could have seen the expression on his face. I'll bet that was the last thing he expected. Too funny!
Much love,
Your Aunt

Anonymous said...

Of course you've still got it girl! I can't wait to put away MY maternity panties!! This story inspired me.

- Harmony "Granny Panties" Hobbs

Kim said...

i bet he still would have hit on you even if you were wearing your maternity panties. the dude sounds persistent.

ShelbyAnne said...

OH HEY!!!!

Nice to know you still got it, huh?

Teensy creeped out about "picking up a hottie with twins in the Target line" but meh, whatev.