Friday, October 24, 2008

Date Night, Football & Fighting With a Stripper.

Hubby and I were long overdue for a night out, since Auburn was playing last night we thought it would be nice to get out and spend some time together and actually be able to watch a game. We ended up hooking up with some friends and spending the evening watching the game(s) (Go Phillies) at Hooters. Having known this crowd for a while I had a pretty good feeling where the night was going to end, and being the good sport that I am, I went along, dragging "S" with me so I wouldn't be the only girl. Where did we end up you ask? Why, Sammy's, of course.

We got there, got our seats, girls were dancing the boys were tipping. We were chatting, laughing and of course passing judgment, when Husband tried to embarrass me by getting one of the girls to dance for me. She did, and I was slightly embarrassed, but played along, at least she was one of the better looking ones. I tipped her. She came around and thanked everyone after the dance, hugs, kisses, she was cool..... Next.

The next girl made things interesting, I'm still not sure if the Husband (and friends) were completely mortified or thouroghly amused at the events that took place between her and I, but either way I think they all agree that I have principles when it comes to tipping strippers... Can I say that?

Here's how it went down:

Stripper chick took the stage, walked past me to the guys and danced a little, she then walked back over to me, bent down and said to me.....

"So, are you not tipping?"

Me: *completely shocked* "No. But they are...." Keep in mind she has done nothing thus far.

She dances away, then comes back to re-address the issue

Stripper: "So you really aren't going to tip?"

Me: "You haven't done anything..."

Stripper: "You can get thrown out for not tipping"

Me: "Oh I've been tipping, I tipped the last girl plenty"

Stripper: "You are supposed to tip on every song"

Me: "Not if you haven't done anything. You literally walked past me one time, came back and asked me to tip you, that does not deserve a tip, in my opinion."

She finally wandered off and ended up giving the Husbands an ear full about me... ask me if I care. I don't tip if I don't like. Period. I may have been at Sammy's but I have standards damnit.

The thing is, I would have tipped, had she not asked, first of all, or copped a tude' with me after being on stage for 2 minutes. She was still completely clothed!!! Anyway, probably not one of my finer moments, but funny nonetheless.

Happy Birthday "Edward" Hope you had fun! Have a great Birthday.


jmo said...

ok... that is funny. No tip, huh? I don't blame you.

BTW, I read Twighlight this weekend... totally engrossed. I'm dying to pick up the second book now!!!

Anonymous said...

Is your Hubby now "Edward"???

And, I think that stripper chick had some nerve asking for a tip.

Valerie said...

asking for a tip? tacky!