Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Please, Please, Please!

I just wanted to throw this out to everyone that reads my blog and also blogs, I try really hard to keep the names of our family on the down low. If you leave a comment using our real names please don't take offense if it is deleted... also, if you are mentioning us or linking to my blog please do not use our real names.

My blog is public, and I prefer to not have it password protected. I know that if some crazy perv really wants to find us they can, I just prefer to not make it any easier on them...

Thanks to you all and I appreciate you keeping up with us..


Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on that. Some people might think it doesn't make sense, since I post pics of my kid, but I just think that crazy people are more likely to put two and two together if I used real names, you know? And like you, should it ever come out who I really am, the blog would be gone. Or I'd go to something private and that'd be that.

I love that people who don't know me read me and are interested in my life, but not at the risk of my children's safety.

Poodlehead said...

YES! I saw my real name posted on someone's link a while back from our group but now can't remember who the hell it was.

J said...

Lisa, What on earth are you talking about. I know that Maria has been a real pill lately but she was only trying to make a point. Peace!