Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Fun

Happy Labor Day to you all! Hope yours was as good as ours. We managed to achieve the right mix of football, partying, drinking, being hungover, napping, and spending time with friends. Here are a few pics - thanks to Random Mommy for the impromptu cookout and the toddler crash course in her backyard.

My Auburn Girls

Me with my Girls - Getting ready for our first Auburn party of the season.

Tooty + Buddha + Munchkin + motorized vehicles = Trouble

I can't even begin to tell you how hard we laughed at these kids "driving" these cars...


random_mommy said...

I love how the boy ends up in the pink jeep, and the 2 girls end up off-roading in the manly truck!!

Kim said...

ha! RM, i was about to post the same thing! :)

Rebecka said...

My daughter loves those things! She's overly obsessed with them. Everyday she has to ride hers in the back yard.