Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tiny Tutu's

Many thanks to Candoo for hosting a little "Princess Party" for all of our little divas. She made tutu's for all of the Princesses in attendance, including the smallest of Fair Maidens.... How cute is this? Pictures courtesy of H. and the one of Munchkin is from Non-Lucid Drivel.


Lil Tinker said...

LOL! I am still laughing at cute and funny the girls all look in their little tutus! Very sweet and cute!

Anonymous said...

So adorable and the little ones are both awake!!! It must be all the sleep they're getting at night.
I'm sure all the little girls felt special.
Much love,
Your Aunt

Princess Motormouth said...

How precious!!! Those tutu's on the twins are adorable, too.

You should be proud to have such beautiful girls.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. How angelic. And, when did the twinnies get so BIG?

Kim said...

all your girls look SO SWEET. they are true princesses!