Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Day. (so far)

I got up early this morning, thinking that Mrs T was coming to clean and knowing that I had a lot to do in order to leave for the playdate on time. Let me just give you the run down and then you can tell me that I was completely crazy for not calling it a day and sitting on the sofa..

While in the shower, completely soaped up, Munchkin came to tell me that "Mary Kate" was crying and needed me. I got out of the shower to find that she had twisted herself almost completely around in her bouncy seat and was screaming bloody murder. I got her settled and calmed down. When I got out of the shower the second time, I found the Munchkin sitting on the sofa with a bottle of purell, there was a puddle in her hand and she was lapping it up like a labrador drinking water on a hot day. Nice! My first thought was to call poison control but then I remembered that I know several kids that have done this and were fine. Plus after having an "accidental" taste of beer, I'm quite sure she has a high tolerance for alcohol.

A couple of warnings, and one time out later, I finally have everyone dressed. I made the dip, put the babies in their carseats, and starting herding the Munchkin out to the car. She stopped in front of me, I ran into her with the carseat, she screamed bloody murder, neighbor stared. I put her in her seat, she was so upset she threw up the cereal bar she had in her mouth, into my hand, Nice! I got almost to the interstate when I realized that I left the bottles sitting on the table. Turned around, went back, neighbor stared some more.

Finally, we had 10 minutes to get to the party that was a strong 30 minute drive. If the damn Troopers weren't so busy trying to "take back our highways" I might have only been about 10 or so minutes late.

On the flip side the Munchkin loved being a Princess and is still wearing her tutu... Although she is down here after only a 45 minute nap. Dinner tonight should be fun. You have all been warned.


Kelly said...

What is it with kids and hand sanitizer?!?

What I can't understand is how, after drinking hand sanitizer LAST week, Miss Priss can be sick THIS week? Wouldn't you think it might have killed some germs while working its way through her system?

Oh well, I hope you have better luck with Munchkin.

Anonymous said...

BIG difference between grain alcohol (Beer) and Isopropyl alcohol (sanitizer). Isopropyl is poisonous in the right dose. Dont want anything to happen to my niece! :O)


Anonymous said...

I heard eating soap can cause "the runs". If you're lucky, maybe this time it will only cause bubbles ;)I hope she's fine.
Your Aunt

Leslie said...

Those are the days that go on Been there...