Saturday, August 16, 2008

How Time Flies

I think Random Mommy posted about this a couple of weeks ago, about when she started blogging. It made me wonder just how long I've had this one going..... 2 years today! I can't believe that I have somewhat diligently been logging the happenings of our life for that long. The good, the bad, the boring... it's all been recorded here... for 2 years!! So in celebration of my 2 year bloggy birthday I have decided to link to some of my favorite posts from way back when....

Hunger Strike Ends - Toddler Healthy

Silly Little Fart

Cuts Like a Knife

Adventures at the Who Ha Doctor

The Toddler Diet

Raisin Poop Phenomenon

Open Letter


Anonymous said...

I thought I'd already read your old posts. How did I miss these? (All of them) I printed out the "La Cocaracha" one recently so my dad could see that I am not the only one terrified of roaches.
It looks like Munchkin has come
a long way from "What's that?" to being able to fart the ABC's.
Much Love, Your Aunt

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogoversary! I had so much fun with mine last month.