Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Girl Who Cries Wolf To A Redneck Mommy

I think I have just become the neglectful, redneck, trailer trash Mom that allows her child to run around practically naked and bother the neighbors. I'm the new Britney in my hood'

This afternoon the weather was so nice we had the door open onto the back deck, the Munchkin was free to roam in and out. While I was in the living room feeding the twins and watching the Olympics, I could hear her carrying on a conversation with Mrs. T. next door, through the screen. Then I hear her yelling for me, this is a bad habit she has started. She will yell for me from somewhere in the house when she wants something, usually it's nothing and I will yell back: "Stop yelling and come tell me what you need." From the deck she is screaming for me, I am screaming back. Then I here Mrs. T. also calling for me, Crap! Mortified that she was still out there, overhearing me yell, I get up with "Ashley" in tow, head outside and realize that Munchkin has somehow gotten her leg wedged in between the rails of the deck. I try to unwedge her leg as gently as possible, but she is wailing, Mrs. T is standing there watching and I'm feeling like a complete dumbass as the Munchkin proceeds to say between screams "See Mommy? I couldn't come get you, I'm stuck" Whaaaaaaaaa!!!! I got her leg out without causing harm and without splinters. Thankfully I tend to stay pretty calm in situations like this, I'm not afraid to do damage to property if it means getting my child out of a predicament like this one. After all of the drama and a few pleasantries, Mrs. T. actually apologized for having to yell for me....I'm surprised she wasn't apologizing about the call she was going to make to DHR....

Note to self, bake some cookies for the neighbors.... and keep the doors closed when yelling at the offspring.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh! Ya'll are so funny!!!
The highlight of my day is checking up on ya'll just before I hop into bed. Getting stuck in rails must run in the family too. (like sleepwalking)My youngest always liked sticking her head through the top floor railing at Century Plaza so she could look down at the people. Then suddenly one day her head was too big, or maybe it was her ears. You can imagine how crowded that place was about 11 years ago. We both learned a lesson that day, and the backs of her ears finally healed.
Much love,
Your Aunt

Princess Motormouth said...

That is hilarious! I'm glad Munchkin is not mamed for life and won't walk with a limp. hehehe! I think we've all had those moments as a Mother that you could just die. Mine are usually in the parking lot of The Tazmanian Angel's daycare/school.

Her latest is to lock the door after I've unlocked them and walked all the way around to get her out of her seat. She thinks it's the most FUN game ever! She locks it 2 or 3 times, so this game is Zero fun for Mommy who is rushing to get to work. One of the girls in my department told me she was laughing so hard at me while I was trying to "reason", bribe, & threaten her to unlock that door.

I swear, I so want to stripe those little legs, but I'm afraid there's a hidden camera that feeds directly to DHR....

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I'm pretty sure the neighbor understands what life is like with two newborns keeping you preoccupied. I wouldn't worry.