Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pool Bitch

I took the Munchkin to the pool today -- it was beautiful out, the weather was nice and the water was nice and cool, actually cold but it felt good. We were enjoying our day, playing, and swimming when she heard a lady calling for her daughter. The Munchkin looked up at me and said, "Alex, Momma." Having a friend named Alex that lives close by, I did a quick glance around but didn't see "our" Alex. Then a little girl came floating by and Munchkin said again, "Alex, Momma, it's Alex." I told her it wasn't our Alex, maybe just another little girl with the same name. About that time, this Mom comes up and says to me, it the most snappish tone ever, "Her name is Alice..." Well excuse me! Then she says: "I guess it "kind of" sounds the same." Ya' think? Alex, Alice, Alice, Alex... You're damn right it sounds the same, especially to a not even 3 year old, half way across the pool. Was there really a point in being such a bitch about the whole thing?

I'm pretty much a stickler when it comes to the Munchkins real name. I don't like it being shortened, but I'm never a bitch to people about it, and never would I butt in on someone else's conversation.

So I say to you, Mom of "Alex," you will now have to spend the rest of the summer listening to me "accidentally" call your child by the wrong name, while giving you the stink eye, just to piss you off!


Anonymous said...

You'll have to show me the "stink eye". I can't imagine what it would look like on those perfect features of yours.
Know your loved, Your Aunt

*Yankee Belle* said...

I read the title and panicked...assuming I was in the dog house for not making it to the pool. ;)

Anonymous said...

OK,seriously. What is that woman's problem? Maybe you could slip some motrin in her water or something?

I've had people call Little Man by the wrong name, but if it was across the pool, I wouldn't make the effort to correct them. Plus, Little Man's at the age now where he corrects people himself, which means I don't have to ever worry about the awkwardness of correcting someone.

Besides, Alex is a better name for a kid than Alice. You should have told her your friend has better taste in names than she does, ha!

Lynsey said...

I agree with Catwoman, Alex is way cuter! At least she doesn't trump off in the forest.

random_mommy said...

I forgot what I was gonna say... too busy picturing your sweet aunt giving the stink eye. ;)