Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm so "organized" that I have lost my organizer. I realize it's somewhat old school to have an actual planner that doesn't function as a phone/mp3 player/camera/photo album/atom bomb, but I like my planner. My phone isn't high tech enough to house all of the activities and appointments that we have weekly. I once tried the PDA thing, but never really felt very organized. It's just easier for me to have my trusty ole' calendar. It's cute, it's functional, but currently missing.

If I have plans with you tomorrow, you need to email and remind me, I am completely lost. If I had plans with you today and failed to show up, my apologies!


Candice said...

I still have a planner. I also have a palm and neither of them really work to keep me organized. I am just one of those very unorganized people!!!

~Sheila~ said...

My turn? Okay, let me stand up.

"Hi. My name is Sheila."

(say "Hi Sheila" back to me)

"I too use a calender as my organizer. Mine is one of those large wall or desktop calenders. I also have a handheld that can help me but I would have to take the time to input the data. I'd rather write it on the calender.)

There. I said it. Are we meeting once or twice a week for the meetings?

Kelly said...

I'm old school with the planner too. I can't get the hang of this new-fangled technology.

Things seem to have gotten crazy with the addition of Miss P, Hubby's increased travel, and my going back to work.

So, out of desperation, I had to institute "The System." It's basically three dry-erase boards (the kind with calendar grids) for three months. That's where I keep track of Hubby's travel, everyone's doctor appointments, haircuts, playgroups, meetings, etc. It's the only way Hubby and I can keep track of one another.

Every once in awhile he'll forget to put his comings and goings on the calendar and I have to remind him, "The System only works if you work The System!"

Rebecka said...

I'm old school too. I have a somewhat fancy phone but it just doesn't help. I have to have a calendar planner too. The boyfriend thinks it's annoying to see my sitting at the kitchen table or on the couch at night writing in different appointments when most of the appointments are for him. Don't feel bad.

ShelbyAnne said...

I have a planner that backs up my outlook calendar at work. I'm sort of the same way, I carry a hard paper version of my life so that it can't "die" and I lose everything. Unless of course, I actually lose it. Troublesome indeed.

ShelbyAnne said...

Oh, here's another one, I have five calendars in my one-bedroom apartment, including one in the bathroom, and I write big plans on each of them, so that I am reminded in every room in the house.

I figured since we were starting a 12-step group, I should admit my addictions too.