Thursday, July 17, 2008

Munchkin, A Lesbian Polygamist?

Munchkin: Mom, when I get bigger, I'm going to get married.

Me: I think that's great, who are you going to marry?

Munchkin: Lil Pimp, Buddha, Ernie (as in Burt) and my Da da. (sons of BFF and Random Mommy)

Me: Well, I think you would have to move to Utah....

Munchkin: But we live in Alabama.... Boo Bama!

Me: Yes I know, but you are really only allowed to marry one person (at a time, but I'll explain that later)

Munchkin: But I want to marry, Tooty and Lil B, and You too. (daughters of Mommapeas & Yankee Belle)

Me: Well, I'm already married to your daddy, and I'm not sure Tooty or Lil B will swing that way.

Munchkin: We can swing when we're married, I'll marry (all of the above)

Me: Well, you see baby, it's technically considered to be a civil union, and Alabama is a little behind in it's belief system on girls marrying girls and boys marrying boys, you will have to go to.... Oh never mind.... I'm sure you are going to have a great big happy family one day!


random_mommy said...

That is so incredibly sweet! And let me APPLAUD your parenting!!! Bravo! Changing the face of the world one cute little girl at a time.

Candice said...

That's cute.

J said...

High applause on the parenting. I particularly love "we can swing..." classic.

Kim said...

too cute! this story is even funnier when told in person. especially after a couple of drinks. hehe.