Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!

Another night out with TBDMGE, (the best damn moms group, evah') I can sum the night up with this; Mass Chaos and Dancing Debauchery.

I'm not sure if the margaritas made our skills better or worse, probably mixed depending on who you are. For me it probably helped. I am what some would refer to as dancing challenged: whitey-Mcwhite, white: or white girl can't dance. So I was there more for the company and to watch Hot Instructor Boy shake his bum, bum.

We learned three dances, the merengue, salsa and something with a 1,2,3 hip... basically this was a thrust. He wouldn't say it that way, but a group of hot house wives were out to make the boy blush, and blush he did. I think he got way more than he bargained for with these Momma's.

Thanks to Ms. J.T. for being my "man". We had some slight problems when pairing up, as we had no men there to dance with us, unless you were lucky enough to get a personal demonstration from Hot Instructor Boy... Babies could have been made with some of those moves... I'm just sayin'. Anyway, once J and I figured out that we both couldn't be the girl, we were 1,2,3 thrusting like pros.

Sadly I didn't take too many pictures, but you can head over to poodleheads site to see some more. I think she has one of Hot Instructor Boy.


Kelly said...

LOL! There aren't enough margaritas in THE WORLD to help my dancing!

I still had a great time, though. Thanks for setting it up.

Kim said...

lol, last night was too much fun! and i completely agree with you that babies could have been made that night. after watching those hip thrust moves, that was my first thought. so when's our next lesson??

can't get knocked up if you're already knnocked up, right? =P

HM said...

I'd totally make babies with him, he's cute!

*Yankee Belle* said...

No more margaritas.

Poodlehead said...

I only remember a 2 step and some twirling. Was I at the same class?

Anonymous said...

I loved being your dancy dance friend!