Monday, June 02, 2008

Guilty, Your Honor.

This will be my plea when I get taken in for stalking.

Munchkin and I were shopping at Babies R Us last week, minus "Mary Kate" and "Ashley." I was just about to head to the check out when I saw her. Tallish, dark hair, looked to be about my age, toddler son on her hip. I'm sure you are thinking to yourself... So? Well, in addition to the toddler on her hip, she was pushing a double stroller, just like mine. With twin infants, just like mine. I had to meet her, I needed to know her, I needed to share war stories with her. But how? I began to circle the racks, trying to figure out how to make my move. I wanted to minimize my stalker craziness as much as possible, so I had to think. She was shopping for strollers, perfect. That section was large enough for me to meander about until I could get close. A couple of minutes later, I had worked my way over to her. I was pretending to be looking at the mesh stroller covers when we made eye contact. That was it, my chance, and I took it. I leaned in just lightly, not too much. (Moms with infant twins tend not to like that about strangers, trust me.) Then I asked "how old are your twins?" And that was it, we were talking and laughing like old friends. Her twins, boy/girl, are 4 months old. They were born full term at 38 weeks. One of them has been battling reflux. Her toddler son, is 18 months. I shared my information about buggy boards. A must for our situation, if you don't want a triple stroller. After about 20 minutes, no lie. We parted ways. I so wanted to ask her for her digits, but resisted the urge. We were next to each other at the check out and like all stores do now, they asked for her phone number. I could have gotten it then, but I'm sure that would have landed me in the nut house for sure.

Hi: Remember me? We met in the stroller aisle at Babies R Us?
What's That?
How did I get your number?
Well, I wrote it down when you gave it to the cashier at the check out..... I'm really not as crazy as I seem.
Wait now, calm down. There's no need to call the police.
Ok, I'm sorry, I won't bother you again....


random_mommy said...

You nut!! Next time, just tell her to join the mommy group... safe and less personal! I say next time because I know you'll be going back to B R Us to find her...

I too will be on the lookout.

I would have died laughing if this story had ended the way I thought it was going to... with you building up the nerve to ask for her number, and her saying NO!!! HAHAHA!! The rejection!!

A true nut would be thinking "Maybe she said her phone number superloud just for me to hear it... she WANTS me to call..."

Anonymous said...

Totally laughing at RM's comment.

Did you happen to memorize the phone number. Because you could call and say "one of your twins dropped a paci, and the store gave me your phone number to give it back to you."

That would also make you seem a little crazy, sure (especially if her twins weren's sucking on a paci, for example). But who wants sane friends? I mean, how boring would THAT be.

justmylife said...

I wouldn't have had the courage to speak to a stranger. Glad you did, maybe you will get another chance to see her. You should have asked for the number, you never know, maybe she was looking for a support group. Or you could have offered your number in case she needed to talk to someone else who had a toddler and twins, then it would have been up to her whether to call or not.

Kim said...

that is too funny! i'm sure she would have given you her 7 digits. you look pretty harmless to me. but then again, a cheerful mom with a toddler and twin newborns may look a little odd (keyword: cheerful).

Poodlehead said...

Too funny - I've stalked people in stores too just to talk about something in particular. Ha!

It sounds like dating - does she want me to call or doesn't she? Perhaps you should ask her to dinner and dancing.

Lindsay said...

That is too funny! Hey you never know, she may have been looking for someone like you to talk to as well. Maybe you should of gotten her digits. You guys could get together for a play date???

I like catwoman's idea about the paci. I can hear her now, "My twins didn't have a paci".

Princess Motormouth said...

Seriously, I would've done the same thing. In fact, I'm sure I have done this before. I'm a total extravert & I will people to talk to me in public. It is just a part of being Princess Motormouth, but I know it has to come across as a little, no probably a lot nutty.

I would also have totally nailed down their schedules (if any) as to coordinate a convenient time to make said call. So what, I'm a nutty little fruitcake, who doesn't need a little nut in their life?