Saturday, May 03, 2008

BPA = Big Pain in Ass

It seems like there are new things popping up everyday that cause parents to freak the hell out over what they are allowing their children to eat or play with. First it was having to throw out every single toy we spent hard earned money on, because China was trying to kill us with lead paint. Now it's the levels of BPA in all of the products that we allow our infants to eat from. I know, I know, give them the boob and you have nothing to worry about. Easier said than done when:

1. You have twins that eat at the same time, and a toddler that demands major amounts of attention just as you sit down to feed.

And 2. When you don't produce enough milk to feed said twins, you have to supplement with bottles of formula anyway.

I've been doing tons of research on BPA free products. It's all very expensive and the ones that are on the cheaper end get bad ratings. It seems that I've chosen poorly with the Avent airflex we invested a shit ton of money on. They rank about as low as it goes. Not only do they contain BPA, but Avent as a company, is pretty much refusing to jump on the bandwagon and admit that their product is flawed. The option for continuing to use Avent is to switch to the Tempo, and use the disposable inserts. More money, and more of an impact on the environment with the disposing of all of those inserts. But, I already have a ton of nipples that are interchangeable.

BornFree is an option, if you want to pay $10.00 per bottle. This would not be such a big deal if I wasn't having to feed 2 babies, 6-8 times a day. It's either fork out the cash, or spend more time washing the bottles after each use.

I've even thought about heating in BPA free bottles and pouring into the Avents that we already have. Still a pain in the ass, but I would only need a couple, not a complete and total overhaul.

No matter how I look at this dilemma, it's going to cost a lot of money or cause me more time over the sink. The thought of throwing out all of the bottles we have, some never even used, makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

Regardless of cost, it's worth it for the health of our babies. I just can't help but wonder how much of this is Chicken Little with the sky falling. It seems like it's always something. I still maintain that any day now they are going to realize that it's not the sun that causes skin cancer, but the lotion you use to protect yourself from the sun. Just wait.


Heather S. said...

I agree!! It's always something. Kind of makes you wonder if corporate America is just trying to scare into spending more money!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you got a shoddy deal with this happening right after you've had babies. If only you didn't have to have them early! Damn babies costing you all this money!!!! :)

The way I look at it, even if it costs $200, my peace of mind is worth it.

I read on another blog that places are taking BPA bottles back for credit. You might call the store you got them from and see if they'd take your Advent back. I can't believe Advent, out of all the brands would be hiding on this issue!

Canada's making BPA illegal, Walmart and Toys R Us, Babies R Us will no longer carry BPA products, how the hell can a company of that size not take a stand and say screw it to their customers?

ShelbyAnne said...


1.) I totally agree with's ALWAYS something. The air is dirty, the water is dirty, the food is dirty. Help!

2.) These things have always been there. Do what you can, and not what you can't (i.e. throwing out every last bottle). They'll turn out fine. You did, didn't you? =)

Anonymous said...

With me being a moron? My head spins with all the "Don't do this, but do THIS instead" that seem to pop up every other week.

And now? I'm going to freak out that you just may be right and it IS the lotion we use to keep us protected that's causing skin cancer!!


Anonymous said...

Seriously though, we all grew up with BPA, LEAD, and all other kinds of carcinogens known to man in our baby bottles and we all turned out just fine. We breathed secondhand smoke, Dirty exhaust, Phameldehyde with no affects. We ate food with hormones, insecticides, and and horror of horrors we had NO ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP! We all miraculously survived. Lets give a little credit to the miraculous gift that God gave us. Your immune system. - Joey

My2Suns said...

I was saying the other day I want to put the boys in a bubble. Every day it is something new and it scares the S*** out of me.

Crazy in Alabama said...

Well I think that it must not be too harmful because we are still here as are our parents. I am breastfeeding, but supplementing too. I probably spent $8000 trying to find a bottle that my little girl liked. The ONLY bottle that she will drink from is a Playtex Drop-in. I refuse to look to see if it has BPA because she refuses to use the ones that do not!!!

BTW, I live in AL too!! North of you