Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Save My Ta-Ta's

I'm not sure which is worse, actually nursing a baby or pumping every 2-3 hours in order to keep up with the demands of 2 growing babies!! I'm two weeks into this whole "mom of twins thing" and my boobs, nipples specifically, feel like they have been run through a paper shredder.

I've got a blister and a clogged duct on one, the other is still the work horse for both. I had to google the cure for this "mild" inconvenience. With the Munchkin I never had enough milk to feed her, much less clog anything. Here's the remedy as found on the Le Leche League site:

  • Nurse as much as possible on the affected side; the baby's sucking will help to loosen the plug.
  • Talk to other mothers with the same problem.
  • Get encouragement from loved ones.
First, are they out of their ever loving mind? You try having a motorized piece of equipment suck your boob to death, when there is a blister involved.

Second, I have a few good friends that I can solicit advice from, but for the most part, no one wants to hear about this... if you are one, why are you still reading?

And finally, it's not me that needs the encouragement. It's my right boob. It does not want to participate in the whole milking/feeding of the children task that we are obligated to for the next however long.

But of course, "boob encouragement" would be somewhat awkward don't you think? Especially from my loved ones.


J said...

Hmm... I'm sorry I can't help you as I didn't experience this, but as a love one consider this boob encouragement : mecka lecka hi mecka hiney ho

random_mommy said...

Hot shower with some serious massaging of the clog... it won't feel good, but it will come out.

The nipple thing gets better soon- they 'toughen' up after about a month. Then you start using the highest setting and it doesn't hurt at all!

Anonymous said...

Oh Random Mommy's words just made my ta-ta's shrivel and hurt. I can't even imagine what this feels like for you. I REALLY hope it unclogs and the nips aren't so sore.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

I was going to try the shower thing today, the spray from shower hurt like hell too! Maybe I'm just a wimp.

Wahhhh! My boobies hurt.

Anonymous said...

You can try some of the mastitis remedies. They helped when I was about to gas myself with carbon monoxide: cabbage leaves. They pull the clog a bit. I know it sounds crazy, but they really did help. Good luck. I so feel for you.

Madie's Mom said...

I am so sorry you are having to go through that. I am sending lots of boob encouragement-- I have no idea what it must be like. I wrapped mine as tight as I could and prayed I didn't bump them into anything.

Seis said...

Well, I had a hard time as well. I also used a heating pad. I agree with random_mommy if you can get it out (it will hurt) you will be relieved. Good Luck. I only made it about 10 weeks, but my coworker with twins made it to 10 months.

Laura said...

K, I've totally been there (not with twins, but I've nursed 4). Random Mommy is totally right! You just gotta plow through to get to the other side even though it hurts like hell!! It will get better!

Kelly said...

This is strange, but try wrapping your boobs with a little saran wrap before you get in the shower. It will protect them somewhat from the sting of the water. Also, nipple cream was my savior, but RM is right...they toughen up pretty quickly and then it doesn't hurt at all!

I had an amazing lactation consultant from the same hospital where you had your babies and I was grateful for her...she had a lot of practical tips for me.

I didn't like the La Leche women, however, those were some militant bitches!

Poodlehead said...

I remember hearing strangely about cabbage leaves in the bra. google it.

Ok here goes some boob encouragement:

Go right boobie go
Go right boobie go
You can do it
Keep on producing

Kelly said...

And after you're done with the cabbage, I have a great recipe for Syrian cabbage rolls.

Don't worry, no one need ever know they were on your boobs! :0)

Kim said...

boob encouragement vibes have just been sent your way. hope those ta-ta's start feeling better. i know that has got to suck!

Becca said...

take a hot shower, sometimes that helps to release the "plug".

the nipples just take time.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the crazy La Leche people...

I will run to Hallmark and see if I can find any boob encouragement cards over lunch.

Surely that's its own section right?

Anonymous said...

What Random Mommy said....except I will clarify what 'massaging the clog means'. It means rubbing from chest to nipple, in a hot shower, with force to encourage the milk to come out of the duct. I've been know to pick the callus off my nipple in order to get the clog to un-clog.

So I'd rub that damn clogged milk spot on my boob until milk came out of my nipple and the clog was relieved.

Helped? I hope so. Get better soon!

MommaDrool said...

That is the worst...I know. Take random_mommy's advice...if it stays clogged, it can get infected, and that is even worse. My lactation consultant recommended that I lay warm washcloths on top of my breasts while pumping to help unclog the duct. Sounds odd, but it worked!

tiarastantrums said...

Keep trying on the engorged boob - yes - hurts like hell - but if you don't get the boob unclogged, it may become infected. I am still nursing my 22 month old baby girl Had clogging from the time of her birth to NOW. I had Mastesis 5 times in the first 8 months - KEEP NURSING!!!! Just let the baby lie there and suck and suck and suck!!Sucks - yes it does, but sometimes this is just our lot for this baby! Nursed 2 previous babes - nothing of the sort! And Smiling mom is correct - "try" to unclog yourself - muddle through the pain or get some drugs from the OB!!

Princess Motormouth said...

Ouuch, flashback, flashback...I also faced tremendous ta-ta trouble when I tried to breast feed my Tazmanian Angel. My boobs are big anyway (not perky big, but I've had 2 kids and they sag but are still big), but after the milk came in it was just disgusting. I looked deformed they were so big...I never could get her to latch on long enough to get milk. What's up with that? It doesn't make much sense, but I also feared that she would get lost & sufficate in the boobs. DH's favorite joke while I was prego was that, "My wife's boobs are big enough to feed a whole village in Africa." Hardie Har Har!
I would be like a freakin' cow pumping forever & still get like 1/2 ounce...whatever! After 3 weeks of engorged, cracked/bleeding nipples-I said the hell with it.

Call me a wimp, but I just threw in the towel and didn't look back! Good luck. Wow, that wasn't very motivating...sorry.

Here goes:

Hey, Right Ta-Ta, hang in there...no, bad one. Let me try again....Hey, Right Ta-Ta toughen up. You can do it! Go boobie Go!

Busy momma said...

okay....I know different things work for different folks but here's what I did for the same problems: hot showers not necessarily directly on your chest but just a hot shower to relax while you massage those things! And I don't mean massage the nipple just the whole boob in little circular motions one spot at a time. Too, use that nipple cream like crazy- those blisters do hurt but that stuff helps. I used the purple tube kind....I think it's made by Lansinoh?? and it's perfectly safe for the babies. Too, I tried to really slow down on the pumping- no matter how much was still dripping, I cut the time in half on each side from what I was doing. Good luck and I know me saying this doesn't relieve any pain, but it will get better! No one ever told me to be prepared for scabby nipples either- I know how you feel!!

Anonymous said...

I feel you, hon. I've been there and it's paaaaiiiinnnffuuulll. It took me a month to get past the blister my youngest put on me when she was first born. It was bad and bled. It eventually got better though and now she's even got teeth and doesn't bite me. Only two more months of nursing. I'm going to miss it since she's the last baby I'm going to have God willing.