Monday, April 14, 2008

Reunited and it Feels So Good.

I went to lunch with a few of my bitches yesterday. It was my first real "social" outing since I've been home with the twinkies. When it came time to pick a place to eat, I jumped on the chance to suggest one of the best Mexican restaurants in town, that just so happens to serve some of the best margaritas ever. Because it was a Sunday and we live here, deep in the bible belt, there are tricky little rules about drinking alcohol on the Lord's day. In certain parts of town, you can't buy it at all. Period. End of discussion. Of course, I think it's absurd that a grown person can't make up their own mind as to when they should, or should not partake in an adult beverage. Do they really think that shutting down the liquor stores, and beer and wine aisles at the grocery store, will keep people from drinking on a Sunday? Okay, okay, that's a whole other post for the future... This particular restaurant serves it, you just have to wait until noon. And wait we did. A big "Holla" to our waitress who promptly returned to our table at noon o' clock, to inform us that it was time.

I was trying to think of the last time that I had alcohol. It seemed like forever. I think it goes back to almost a year ago. We were at the lake with Yankee Belle and Mommapeas, I think it was Memorial Day weekend. Someone there made some margaritas, strong margaritas. They were yummy.

I'm not a big drinker, but I think there is something about the forbidden fruit, you always want what you can't have. But now? I can have it, and I'm jonesing for my next fix. Girls night out anyone?


random_mommy said...

I had the best time at lunch... but I always do! Good company!!!

Anonymous said...

Blue laws are crazy and about 100 years out of date. Good for you tasting the forbidden fire water. Did you love it? Or did it knock you flat on your arse?

J said...

Counting down the days my friend. Just be sure to meet me at the hospital with a bottle of wine and a smile once I'm in the clear!!!

Kim said...

count me in! i still can't drink with the rest of ya'll, but i'm here to be the DD and take incremenating pics for my scrapbook.

wish i didn't miss out on the mexican, sounds like ya'll had fun.

Dirty White boy said...

Why is it only the mexican resturants serve margaritas?

I was just passing by your blog, hope you dont mind...also i read the post below this one, and had to laugh about the car/grocery cart, I have forbid my kids from riding those, its like drawing attention to a major catastophe about to happen (and it usually does, like pickles to the floor on isle 5)...besides they are so friggin heavy, its like I need to stretch and work out before I even attempt it!