Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Politics, Again.

I realize that talking openly about your political views can open you up to a shit ton of unwanted criticism, but the way I see it is, it's my blog and I will post what I think and feel.. So, here it goes.

I recently stated that I have chosen to to join the ranks of "ObamaMamas" everywhere, and cast my vote this November for Barack Obama. Today, I'm feeling really good about my decision. In fact, I'm so disgusted with our current administration, the thought went through my head, that I might actually vote for Hilary * GASP * just to keep McCain out of office. Why? One of the many reasons is the war. How many more of our men have to die in this ridiculous pissing match? I'm sick of turning on the television and hearing stories like this:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush has awarded the nation's highest military tribute to a Navy SEAL who was killed when he threw himself on a grenade in Iraq to save his comrades.

The president, blinking back tears, recognized the bravery of Michael A. Monsoor, who was part of a sniper team in Ramadi when he died on Sept. 29, 2006.

Bush presented the medal to Monsoor's parent, Sally and George Monsoor, before about 250 guests, including some of his fellow soldiers, in an East Room ceremony.

The emotional ceremony came as the top U.S. general and diplomat in Iraq opened two days of congressional testimony on the status of the war, now in its sixth year. Monsoor was the third Medal of Honor winner from the Iraq war.

And the President closes with this:

Mr. and Mrs. Monsoor: America owes you a debt that can never be repaid. This nation will always cherish the memory of your son. We will not let his life go in vain. And this nation will always honor the sacrifice he made. May God comfort you. May God bless America.

Sure Mr President, you will honor him. What? A couple of times a year, on the designated holidays. The days we have to remember ALL of the lives that have been lost, in ALL of the wars we've fought. What about the family that lost a son? They will be the ones to remember him and honor him daily for the sacrifice he made. But will you actually lose sleep tonight? Will you think about him or his family tomorrow, if someone doesn't tell you it's time to turn on the tears for the cameras? Do you really even care? Your term is almost up, all you have to do is wait it out, and leave this mess for someone else to clean up.

Taxes, and healthcare aside..... Mr Monsoor threw himself on a grenade to save 2 other men....

Think about that.

Now. Let me have it Conservative Bush supporters, I can take it.


J said...

I only wish to give you the view from my heart. I think that the war is one of the single most moral issues we face in this election. It is one that we can do something about. I don't believe in immediate withdrawal but 100 years? Bravo for your honesty and bravery as I feel you'll need it with the comments coming your way.

Kelly said...

Here! Here! It is an ill-advised, ill-conceived, and poorly implemented war.

Why is it so easy to play fast and loose with the lives of OTHER PEOPLE'S children?

justmylife said...

I agree with you, I will be so glad to see Bush leave office! I don't support Obama or McCain. I think McCain will be another Bush. I am dreading November. Lord help us all.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the comment above. I don't agree with the war, but I cannot stand any of the three candidates up for the job. I'll be writing in my vote for Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Bush because I thought he would put better restrictions on abortion. I am not very knowledgeable about politics and I usually vote for the guy my parents vote for because I know they ARE very knowledgeable about the candidates. I do feel that if we ever get a woman in the presidency, they will be less inclined to send our men to war. It's in a mans blood to want to fight. Even little boys are rough and wanting to fight and wrestle. (I know this is not true in all cases)My husband likes to watch war movies. The gorier (sp) the better. It is the same with his computer games. Our country could really use a woman president, but I'm not sure I would want Hillary. Much love,
Your Aunt

Seis said...

I also plan to vote for Obama. However, I have a differing opinion on the war. First of all in all fairness, (this may be the only time I stick up for John McCain) his comment about 100 years was taken wildly out of context. His comment was that we will always have troops there like we do in Germany after WWII as agreed to in Yalta.
I do agree with k-Mom that the war was ill advised and poorly executed, and I opposed it from the beginning. However, I do feel we are in a huge conundrum. We have set up a government so unstable that it can only exist with us as a protectorate. The amount of lives to be lost if we pull out would truly be immense. It saddens me to think of all the innocent families that would be slain due to a pull out for an occupation they never asked for. What responsibility do we take when we act like the World Police? Don’t we owe these people something for starting a war over nothing? How do we determine that our sons or daughters are worth more than theirs? I think more people will die if we pull out. So, I am perplexed on this issue. I know are economy is faltering because of this war, are sons and daughters are dying, but I can’t help but think of those women and children we are saving from a brutal struggle not only from within their own county but with their neighbors as well. Just something to think about....

Becca said...

I am with you, on this. I don't like war, any war, and this one seems to have taken off in a whole other direction than when it started. AND, as much as I don't like HC, I will still vote for her if she is the Dem on that ticket come Nov.

Poodlehead said...

The war was started over NOTHING??? How about Saddam gassing his people? The Baath regime launched 39 gas attacks against the Kurds- THEIR OWN PEOPLE.
It is estimated that he killed 100,000 people. And you know it goes higher than that.
That's incredle.

How about weapons of mass destruction? Yes, I know they say none were never found. But Saddam had the capabilities and the people with the knowledge to institute it at any time and would not back down. He wouldn't even allow the UN inspectors to check it all out. It's like he was thumbing his nose at the rest of the world's rules. It was all a matter of timing. Would we rather fight him over there or fight him on our own soil?

And as for the matter of the Iraq people having an occupation they never asked for - maybe it all depends on who is behind the media's camera. Because I've seen lots of footage of people kissing American soldiers and saying thank you thank you because their families were killed or women raped or they were run out of town - all because of what side they were on.

If WE lived in a world such as that and had a dictator and his brothers who raped, killed, maimed, stole, etc at will and perhaps it touched YOUR family, wouldn't you PRAY every night that SOMEONE with some kind of DIGNITY and COURAGE would come to HELP????

As for being the World Police, yes, sadly we are part of it. But perhaps we should apologize for being the World Police to the Jews that were released from the concentration camps under our troops, or the Iraq people that will now live a decent life because we took down their dictator.

I am torn over my views on the war as well. I would not want to send my son to die but this country is founded on people dying for their belief in a better way of life. And when he comes of age it will be his choice, not mine. Daughters too.

I do think the war has been handled badly. I think we should've been much more aggressive in the beginning and really sent way more troops to cut it down quick. Now it's like a festering wound.

So anyway, soap box, away.

As for Obama, you can vote for whomever you choose of course. I think the man is a liar and a charlatan. He won't answer pointed questions directly and has much to answer for in terms of his past and character.

I don't necessarily like any of the 3 people so far. I wish there were other choices.

Kelly said...

I agree with Seis...we broke it, so we bought it. We owe it to the people of Iraq to clean up the mess we've made.

Their children are no more precious than our own and they deserve to grow up in peace.

Anonymous said...

The Can Has Been Opened

I was a Bush fan and I did beleive that the war was necessary. I have not been a big bush fan latley though. At the time the war was started I along with the majority of the population thought it was necessary, so that ruled and we went to war as we should have. Now we have to live with those decisions and learn from them. I am sick of having to step on egg shells so that a minority may do this or that...we are a majority vote country, period. I am sick of politics being who "Oprah is voting for." If OBAMA did not have Oprah at his side he would not be SHIT!(guess you can tell I despise this guy and consider him the anti-christ). I am not a McCain or Hillary fan either. I do not support government healthcare. It sounds great on paper but have you ever been to the VA hospital or heard the Medicare horror stories? I urge anyone voting for Hillary to go take a tour of the VA Hospital as this will be what your coverage will become.

All above are my "Anonymous" opinions of course. I also want to urge everyone to not vote for one person in spite of the other canidate. If you don't beleive in someone then don't waste the time to go vote. Don't just throw your voice away when you may not even know what your voting for.


Kelly said...


Don't vote?!!? That is the ABSOLUTE WORST thing you can do! Give away your vote and you give away your voice!!!

Look, democracy isn't perfect, but it's the best thing anybody's got going. If you don't like any of the candidates, we can all agree, it's not perfect, but don't just sit back, wring your hands and predict apocolypse! What will that accomplish?

Vote for the person who most closely resembles your ideology. Then once they are in office, use your power as a VOTER to influence their actions!

If you don't vote, you don't have representation!! Trust me, nobody cares about the opinions of a non-voter, because they are powerless to effect change!!

We might as well become a dictatorship tomorrow if everyone decided not to vote only because they couldn't find a candidate who was their ideological clone.

That's a very irresponsible thing to tell people to do...there are people all around the world who would give ANYTHING to have a voice in their leadership, their lives, and their futures and you would just throw your voice away?!!

Kelly said...

Oh, I have another comment the U.S. taking on the role of World Police. I think we set a bad precedent by using Sadam's crimes against humanity as justification to invade...and let's be clear. Hussein was heinous, but now we have put ourselves in the position of having to explain why we felt the crimes of Sadam Hussein couldn't go unpunished, yet we have chosen to do nothing to help in Darfur where genocide is taking place as we speak! And what about Tibet, Armenia, the Sudan, Zimbabwe...? Are the crimes against these people any less because their countries aren't oil rich?

When we appoint ourselves world police, where does it stop?

We don't want to be the world police, we can't afford it financially, and thanks to Iraq we certainly don't have the moral capital any more.

Our best chance to police the world was the United Nations and now thanks to our bullying and our unwillingness to pursue diplomacy before going to war, we basically emasculated any powers the U.N. had to be of influence in these other parts of the world.

Dictators around the world saw the U.S. blow off the U.N. and do what it wanted to do, regardless of it's objections, and now they will too.

Seis said...

In response to Poodlehead's comment "The Baath regime launched 39 gas attacks against the Kurds- THEIR OWN PEOPLE. It is estimated that he killed 100,000 people."

They aren't exactly their "own people", they are distinct ethnic group that were suppose to have their own autonomous place after WWI. They were killed most likely due to uprising against the government. I don’t condone this, but I also don’t think this is any different than other conflicts of nationalistic separatism we choose to ignore (ie. Basque Region, Chiapas, IRA).

I don't argue that the average Iraqi civilian isn't better off that we are there. In fact I agree, but I don't how long we need to stay, and I don’t know if we can pull out and leave them more vulnerable than they were to begin with.

Also, I don't think we do a very good job of being the world Police when we pick and choose our battles. Over a million people have died in Sudan in a real Genocide. Also, we did not enter the WWII until after Pearl Harbor, so although we freed the Jews in no way kid yourself into thinking we were their protectorate.

I guess I don't know if Obama is a liar or a charlatan, but I want the chance to find out. I simply could never vote for McCain, because he has stood by and supported George Bush and continues to do so. With that kind of record, I don't even care what he has to say. I want to see the working poor and self employed with health insurance. I believe health care should be an inalienable right.

*Yankee Belle* said...

Does anyone truly believe a woman would keep us from going to war? Hilary has bigger balls than her husband. War will always exist. History is an excellent predictor of the future. And history is riddled with war. From the beginning of time - till the very end. As for my political views, I could go on and on. However, I am a republican and will vote my party. None of the candidates are the nation's savior...but the majority of my political views are still on the red elephant side.

TK said...

Okay, so I realize that I am about to lose a lot of fans by saying this, but I am a Bush supporter! I realize that he has not made some of the best choices, but I do believe that what we mostly see and hear is the hoopla of the liberal media. Again, he has made some poor choices, but don't we say that about most presidents when they do something we don't agree with? Morally, I think he is a good man. Do I think those were real tears? Yes, probably. How many tears have I seen over the last 10 weeks over the loss of my husband, my best friend? MANY! How many of those tears will/are still crying for me, because my pain is certainly still here? Does that mean that their tears were meaningless? No, not at all!

Also, now a days, people have a choice to go into the military. They know that war is always a possibility when they sign up. Many, many, military men and women fighting this war are so proud of what they are doing, and are willing to "die so others may live". Do I agree with everything? Of course not, but we just can't leave in the middle of this mess. We have to finish what we started. Or rather finish what "they" started. Remember that nice September day almost 7 years ago?

As far as the elections are concerned, I can't say that I am excited about any of the candiates. However, I can say that it really scares me that Barack Obama is a very likely possibility. Oh my goodness! Can it get worse, well, I guess we will just have to hang on and sit back. I do believe that it can if Obama is elected president.

Politics is always a dangerous subject. I am not a hard core anything (when politics are concerned), so no hard feelings will come out of anyone's political view. My closing thought is this. We have the right to vote for whomever we want. That is the beauty of our country. I will not pick up my belongings and move to another country depsite who is elected. I will, however, vote and do my job as a citizen of the United States. That is really the only thing we can do, no matter how strong we feel about the one's in charge.

The Dyer Family said...

i am a friend of jeri's, and i found your page through hers. so, i've been stalking and thoroughly enjoying your blog!!
keep speaking your mind - those of us living in the deep south AND against le'bush (pronounced le-booooosh) are in the minority around here. i agree with you 100%! i don't see how many people can disagree with you and not sound completely idiotic.