Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green with Idiot.

At the grocery store today, I was behind a couple that appeared to be very "earthy." They just had that granola look about them, and they were carrying canvas bags for their groceries. I noticed this because it reminded me that I needed to put my canvas bags back in my car for future use. As they proceed through the check out line, I noticed that their items were going into plastic bags, and the plastic bags were going inside of the canvas bags...... What the hell?

Happy Earth Day.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't that defeat the purpose? How bizarre.

MommaDrool said...

They must have been hitting the bong pretty hard before they made that grocery trip : )

Anonymous said...

ROTFL. Those might be the dumbest granolas ever.

Every week, I bring my re-usable bags and almost every week, the Walmart cashier looks at the bags and goes "You want the groceries in these?"

Uhm, no, Eintein. I just wanted to show you all these cute new purses I got that look like reusable grocery bags.

Anonymous said...

So I had to come back to this post again, because yesterday at Walmart, Sweetie Pie starts laughing and says "check out the next cash register" and there they were, a couple of green idiots, just like your Alabam ones. They had their canvas bags all folded nicely, and as the cashier handed them the plastic bags, he'd stick them in the cloth bags.

Made me howl! Do you think your green idiots have a blog and have gotten Texas idiots to start emulating them??? Because that's too freaky of a coincidence!

Busy momma said...

That makes me laugh! Yes....I have reusable bags too. But, when I remember them I only use them....not plastic too!!