Sunday, March 09, 2008

She Said It, It Is So.

I don't have a lot of Munchkin stories to tell these days, since I only see her sporadically throughout the day. Hubby told me this story and it made me laugh.

He got the Munchkin up this morning and she informed him that she had a "boogie" in her nose. Hubby said, let me see. She tilted her head up for him to check out the boogie situation. Not seeing anything, he tells her "I don't see it." To which she replies, "Well, it's there."

What can you say to that?


Steph said...

Heehee! I bet she keeps you busy!

Anonymous said...

That is really funny. Sounds so grown up doesn't it? At least, in a few days you'll get to go home and get all of the Munchkin stories first hand again.