Monday, February 11, 2008

Panic Sets In.

While extremely excited to have made it past the 28 week mark, I now realize that things are about to start moving very fast and I'm not ready.

Hubby and I have tried very hard to keep a clear head about our situation. Not being pessimists, more like realists. We knew early on that if we didn't make it to 28 weeks or beyond, our chances of bringing home 2 babies, healthy or otherwise, was not good. We also knew that we may be forced to make some very tough decisions about "sacrificing" one for the other. With every day that passes, we are that much closer to bringing both of our beautiful girls home. Home to absolutely nothing. No cribs or furniture, car seats, clothing, diapers... nothing. Facing the worst possible scenario, the thought of having to look at all of that set up in a nursery, was too much to handle. I've turned down baby showers, not knowing how to handle returning things to people if something went wrong. I've held off buying anything because I wasn't sure if I would need 1 or 2. As we progress, I realize that I am completely unprepared.

Hubby and I sat yesterday and researched the expansive world wide web, looking for the best twin products, reading reviews and consumer reports. It's just so much to think about, what do we do will all of the "single" stuff we already have.

We do have the room almost painted. They will sleep in the pack in play for a little while when they are released from the NICU, those things I know. Other than that, I'm at a loss.

Thinking about this any more is going to cause me an early labor!!!



That is awesome...when are you going to start shopping?

Leslie said...

My mom felt the same way when she was in the midst of her complicated twin pregnancy! You're normal!

Anonymous said...

I'm relieved with you. I have been watching that ticker knowing what that 28 means, too. Now, breathe. You WILL make it to 32. I just know it.

*Yankee Belle* said...

Shop away g-friend! Those 2 babies are going to be happy, healthy, and here shortly!!!

Kim said...

don't panic, i'm sure you guys will have the basics before mary kate and ashley get here. just remember that at least you're not a first time mom and know nothing. now that would suck.