Friday, February 15, 2008

Checking In?

It looks like my days are numbered. After meeting with my Doctor this week, we have agreed on February 25th as my admitting day. The day that I will check into my own version of "Chateau Marmont."

This understated "Resort" is nestled snuggly on the outskirts of Downtown Birmingham. Views from the rooms overlook the trees that block the sights of the downtown skyline. Some of the suites will have a great view of the nearby shopping mall, and of course the backside of another brick building.

Amenities include:

Private bathroom in each suite, featuring a button that will beckon the Nurse on call in the event of a bathing catastrophe.

Mini Fridge - completely un-stocked

Beds with built in controls that will maneuver up, down, high or low.

Flat screen television, with DVD capabilities.

One touch summoning to the central control center, a.k.a Nurses station.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed.

Non - Complimentary Valet parking for all guests.

All rooms are conveniently located two stories above the cafeteria, and the brand new Starbucks - Now Open!

While not following the mainstream of your everyday Resort & Spa, "Resort A La Hospital" boasts it's minimal approach to decorating, and services, and believes that each guest will check out with something more precious than the memories of their accommodations.


Steph said...

I hope your stay is smooth and goes well! I know it's not the best accomodations, but I agree about what you come away with.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. So soon? I hope you enjoy your stay. I think you'll be getting two somethings that make it worth your while.