Thursday, February 07, 2008

Belly Violator

I realize that there are people in this world that have this uncontrollable urge or impulse to touch someones pregnant belly. I do not understand this, as I lack said urge. I would never think to walk up to someone I do not know and touch them. Anywhere. Pregnant or not. It's just not normal.

As the belly grows, it seems to be drawing more attention. When I say twins, you can see it in their eye, they want to touch, rub and completely accost me. Some people have good self control. Others? Not so much.

I was in a shoe store the other day when the cashier was making small talk about the babies, a clever tactic. She distracted me by asking questions and getting me involved in the answers about my twin girls and then, BAM! Hands on belly as she was asking if she could touch. She didn't just touch, she rubbed, in big circles, with both hands. This happened so fast, she had made 2 good rubs around and grazed a breast, before I could step back and mumble something to the Munchkin about needing to get going. Who does this? It's weird, creepy and made me feel dirty. Not dirty in a, "was it good for you, I need a cigarette kind of way." Dirty as in just plain violated way. This lady better be glad I didn't bite her hands off like a guard dog. Woof! Woof! Bitches, don't touch my belly.

Unless you are family, a close friend, or maybe in the knocked up club yourself, keep your hands off me, people. It's still my belly.


Melanie said...

I'm in complete agreement with you. Even being pregnant, I do not have the urge to touch other pregnant women's belly. I do not understand this urge. I don't even look pregnant, but as soon as someone finds out they start touching me. I feel violated too. I'm right there with you on this subject. Hands Off people!

random_mommy said...

Next time I see you I'm gonna rub all over that belly. I may even lick it.

Kim said...

so i take it that it wasn't good for you!? =P lol. if some stranger copped a feel with me, i'd start stuttering and run too. talk about rubbing someone the wrong way (literally).

Daphne said...

OMG I hated it when strangers felt they could touch my belly. It's almost as bad as them coming up to your baby and watching to touch him/her. Then, better yet, when they are a little older, they want to give them candy!
What is their problem?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about that? My entire pregnancy, I didn't look pregnant. I just looked like I had a beer gut. And I kept hearing about pregnant women having their belly attacked like yours and I used to actually WISH someone would do that to me, because then, I'd finally look pregnant, and not just fat.

Does that make me really, really sad? :)

It never occured to me to touch anyone's belly though. Hell, even when my own SISTER was pregnant a few months after me, I didn't touch her belly. I mean, why would I?

The Rockin' Wife said...

I feel the EXACT same way. I have never, ever wanted to touch another woman's belly. I mean, just because you are pregnant, does it really "feel" different (to the naked hand)? And when I was pregnant, I ran from people who tried to touch the belly.

Anonymous said...

There are LOTS of shirts that say this. Email me if you want a link. You can just wear the same one all the time. I won't tell.