Monday, February 04, 2008

"Ass" ident

To say that I have been frazzled over the last week, would be an understatement. With funeral services for our best friend, appointments with Doctors all over Birmingham, home health monitoring, chasing a toddler, and being pregnant with twins, I've been a little on the distracted side.

We were headed out to a Super Bowl party, actually getting out of the house on time and headed to pick up Random Mommy and her crew. I was doing good. I buckled the Munchkin in, loaded the goodies we were taking, and promptly backed into Hubby's car. Yup! Didn't even see it parked there. Where he parks it everyday, mind you. Munchkin, always the observant one says: "Mommy hit the wall?" (Our garage is small, my car is big, I frequently pull in too far, and "tap" the wall with my front bumper, no biggie.)

***I also need to add this disclaimer: RM's Husband had already been by to pick Hubby up and take him to the party early. He was gone, in my mind, his car shouldn't have been there.

Thankful that she asked that question and didn't scream "shit" like I did, I replied: "No Baby, Mommy hit Daddy's car." I got out to try and inspect the damage, it was raining, his car is black, it was tough to tell the extent of the damage. I knew it was dented, I just didn't know how bad. My car on the other hand, fine.

As if she were channeling her inner Rain Man, when I got back into the car, the Munchkin was repeating over and over, "Mommy hit Daddy's car, it's ok Mommy, it's an "ass"ident." Knowing that this 2 year old was going to rat me out as soon as we walked in the door, I had no choice but to call Hubby and explain the situation. On the outside, he was totally cool. Maybe it helped that he had already been drinking. On the inside I know he was fighting the urge to lecture me on paying more attention, and being more careful. Easier said than done when you have 2 little life forms sucking any trace amount of brain matter you had left after your first child.

Mommy brain at it's finest. Heaven help me if it gets any worse.


Steph said...

Oh no! TOTALLY something I wouldve done. I hope the dent isnt too bad!

J said...

Oh goodness. I had 6 non-assidents before I was 18. I'm a much better driver now. You were just in a hurry to have a bit of fun, we've all been there! Don't be hard on yourself!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are ok. And I've totally done that, when I wasn't pregnant with twins.

When we're used to something, we go into the zone and things happen.

Kim said...

this totally sounds like something i would do!!