Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Night In the Life......

At a time in my life when I NEED my sleep, I can't seem to get any! It's ironic if you think about it, I'm completely exhausted from carrying these 2 babies, and if we look ahead to my future, I most likely will never sleep again, yet sleep evades me.

9:45 - Off to bed, thinking I'm getting a bit of a head start. I pee, take my vitamin, apply chapstick and decide to read for a little while.

- Apply more chapstick, turn out the light and settle in on my right side with my "cuddle" pillow. Hubby? Already sleeping.

- Flip over to left side, I forgot that my ribs on the right side start hurting after a few minutes.

10:36 - Re-adjust on my left side because my left hip hurts from my injection today. Roll a little more forward and arrange bedding behind me to keep me pushed forward.

- Get up to pee - punch Hubby who is snoring, settle back in on my left side.

11:25 - Need more pillows, get up, grab all that I can find on the floor, reapply chapstick, prop myself up with all of my pillows.

11:54 - Too many damn pillows on the bed, throw them all off.

1:16 - Shit! How long have I been sleeping on my back? What kind of damage have I done to the babies? Did my heavy uterus crush them, did I cut off blood flow? Wake up babies, give me a little kick - continue to pat belly until they kick back. Okay, good.

1:26 - Good babies, stop kicking, time to sleep...... Go to sleep, Now! Pee.

- Feel the need to pee. Get up, pee a few drops. Hmmm? Bladder is empty, do I need to drink more? What if the babies are dehydrated? It's not good for them to not have water. Gulp down water. Reapply chapstick (See Websters for: ADDICTION)

5:18 - Pee - Damn water.

5:50 - Hubby's alarm goes off, he gets up, gets ready for the gym. Leaves.

- Leg cramp, leg cramp, Ahhhhhh, make it stop! Pop up, massage right calf muscle. Fight the urge to cry from the pain.

7:15 Hubby returns from gym, gets ready for work.

8:00 - Munchkin is up. Time to make the doughnuts.


Anonymous said...

I hope hubby watches Munchkin for you today so you can get some much needed rest! But maybe your body is just trying to get you adjusted to sleepless nights before the girls arrive.

Poodlehead said...

that was funny - I too am a vaseline lip therapy ADDICT!! Need some right now.

I was so uncomfortable during my second pregnancy that I went out and bought a $2000 Select Comfort bed when I was 33 weeks pregnant. It rocked! (and still does). I hate you are miserable but this too shall pass.

random_mommy said...

Cherry Chapstick... at least a couple times a night...

Husband hates this habit.

I hope you get some rest! Maybe hubby giving a footrub, backrub, etc? Even if it doesn't make you go to sleep... it would be nice!

Unknown said...

I am addicted to Chicken Poop. I agree with poodle. The Select Comfort is like orgasmically good. I heart mine. I wish you pleasant sleep.