Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy "Barf"day To Me!

Funny how puking on my birthday used to have such a different meaning, and would happen under very different circumstances!

We were awakened yesterday morning at about 1:30am, to the Munchkin puking in her bed. My poor baby was covered, along with her bed, bedding and part of the wall behind her bed. Why is it so sad to see them sick? We still aren't sure if it was something that she ate or a touch of this stomach bug that seems to be going around. After 1 bath, 2 loads of laundry, 3 wardrobe changes and 1 round of "Cinderella" we all settled in for whatever rest we could possibly get on the air mattress in the living room. She seemed to be fine yesterday and today, no other symptoms and no more puke. Thank you Lord!

My birthday was pretty uneventful, we spent most of it either snuggling with the Munchkin, or cleaning out the twins bedroom and boxing stuff up for charity. 33 years young, and what a year we have ahead of us!!! Although I don't feel 33, I guarantee that by the time 34 gets here, I will feel every bit of it, and then some!

Thank you to Hubbby for my cookie cake, I'm on a personal mission to finish the entire thing on my own. I figure this is the only time I will have an excuse to eat a whole cake in 3 days! Mmmmm, Hmmmmm!


J said...

Happy Barfday sweetie! You deserve so much more than puke.

Reese Elizabeth Collier said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow January birthday girl! (Mine is Jan. 25th.) You certainly do have a lot to look forward to as you begin 2008 and as you celebrate your birthday. So many wonderful adventures to come! Take care!

random_mommy said...

What is THAT all about?!? Didn't Munchkin get the memo that says don't puke on mommy's bday???

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Yeah, the times have definitely changed since we celebrated b-days in our 20's haven't they?

And yet, I don't miss it, who knew!

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Happy Birthday. (Sorry to be late).
Take care.

Steph said...

Im so late on this, but Happy Birthday! I hope Munchkin is all better now!