Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holding His Sausage, For Me!

How is it possible to be married to someone for almost 14 years and not know that they actually like sausage on their pizza?

Last Saturday night the weather was yucky, Munchkin and I were feeling a little sick, so we decided to order a pizza. Hubby got online, placed the order, and told me that he ordered 1/2 what I like, and 1/2 what he likes, sounded good to me. Once the pizza arrived and we sat down to eat, I noticed that 1/2 of it had sausage, we NEVER get sausage. Of all the years we have been together, (dating and married,) and all of the pizzas we have ordered, sausage has not been a topping of choice. When I asked him if they made a mistake on his 1/2, he said "No, I like sausage."


How did I not know that he has been making this sacrifice for over a decade? What else am I taking for granted? What else don't I know? This is why we will still be together in 50 or 60 years, it's the little things.


Keri said...

It's guys like this that are really "keepers." Read my "Labor of Love" post about The Mighty Hunter. He's as good a catch as your Hubby. Go give him a hug.

Hewy Nosleep said...

That's really nice of him!

random_mommy said...

whoa... that title had me a little worried!

Unknown said...

That's crazy but very sweet of him.. Mine would've said, "I ordered it the way I like it. Pick off what you don't like."

Kim said...

see you have him trained, and you didn't even know it!! =P