Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where Does It Come From?

We are having the Munchkin's 2 year pictures done on Friday. We've had to reschedule because of the weather and this time it's looking sunny - Yay.

So, I was sitting here looking at our photographers site today, trying to get some ideas on any props I could take, or cute color combos for us all to wear. The Munchkin climbed into my lap to look at the pictures, and I explained that we were having our pictures done on Friday (because all 2 year olds can comprehend the days of the week, I know right?) Then she looks at me and says "No Mama, I will do it on Monday."

She's a freak I tell you - A complete and total freak of nature that amazes me on a daily basis.


Rachel said...

That's adorable!
My almost 4 year old and I were talking about her pre-school's Thanksgiving program and I was saying it's on Thursday. Her response: "Mom, it's Monday.. get it straight."
Yeesh! Kids. LOL!

*Tanyetta* said...

she is tooo cute! she loves mondays. bless her heart :)

Anonymous said...

That's too cute. She's a smart one.
A cool prop we brought one time was old pearls and necklaces. We let her wrap as many around her as she wanted. The studio had a cute hate and rocking chair. It's one of my favorite of Cora.

Unknown said...

I love those little one liners that create whiplash head turns. Good to see her already dictating!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love it! Apparently she has a VERY busy social calendar and Monday works better for her. Next time, talk to her people before scheduling anything, will ya?